A Happy, Happy Ending!

The Epilogue…The other reason we made trip was to try to scoop up and relocate (to the Sanctuary) this little darling that was DUMPED off in this ‘paradise’. Thanks again to Angie and her daughter Caitlyn (who we just named another duck after…coming soon) for making us aware of these two sad (luckily, this time, […]

The One that got away!

As I try to get caught up on some posts from the many rescues that have ‘taken over our lives”, (but ALWAYS a happy takeover) these past few months, I will begin with a call I received from Angie over Independence Day weekend. She had contacted us for assistance when she had noticed that a […]

Another angel in Heaven

Sunday last week, 8/9/15, we were devastated by the unexpected loss of our very precious Patito. He had been out front under a miniature Japanese maple tree, in the shade, with his best girl Sophia, as well as Daisy and Charlotte. Theresa and I just returned home after a midday Sunday excursion, when she was […]

Cruelty, at it’s worst!

Sadly, the rescue sandwiched in-between the rescue of the infamous peacock and wild turkey, did not fair so well. If you had read the previous two posts, you may have remembered me briefly mentioning the trip to Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit. We received a call Saturday morning regarding a duck that had a severe facial […]

No table for this Turkey

We headed out to our destination around lunchtime (just under an hour away) with our prize peacock anxious to see his new home! From the pictures, we knew that Rufus was in for a wonderful treat! Upon our arrival, we were met by Kierstie, and before we barely even got out of our truck, she said […]

Rufus, the Rooftop Peacock

Last Wednesday, 7/29/15, I had called Patrice, with whom I had been in communication with for the past week or so, regarding a peacock that had been running freely through a neighborhood of Dearborn Heights, near Telegraph and Van Born roads. Its origin could not be confirmed, but it had escaped capture for several weeks […]

Duck Wear

Finally, after sitting in a box for the past couple of weeks, I had (actually took) the time to post our first product for sale, to help our many ducks, geese and birds here at the Sanctuary.  For the purchase price of $20 (s-xl), and $22 (xxl), you will receive one (1) Fruit of the Loom, 100% […]

Sisters from the Junction

During this past, extremely busy,  week, I had been contacted by Mike, who runs the Oakview Cemetery in Royal Oak.  He had informed me that three Pekin ducks had been ‘dumped’ in the small pond near the entrance of the cemetery, which was maybe less than a football field from some major roads.  The entrance is […]

Patito and The Black Crowes

After picking up Patito from Antonia and Rich in Pittsburgh this past Saturday, we began our return back to Michigan, and not too long into our travels, The Black Crowes popped up on the radio, and Patito began to find his singing groove.  I was laughing so hard, I almost had to pull over for […]

Sweet Sydney, better days ahead!

We now have Sydney, named after the daughter of Carrie who traveled a couple of hours to Battle Creek, MI to rescue this poor baby from almost certain death. She arrived at our Sanctuary at approx. 6:00pm last night and was thoroughly checked out. She is extremely boney with a very pronounced keel, weighing a […]