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Our primary goal is to see that no duck or goose will ever die of neglect or abuse – or be left alone in a freezing pond to be forgotten about like it was “just a duck”!  We hope to inform and educate every person who has, or may ever come in contact with waterfowl who might not know what to do or where to go.  We definitely do not have ALL of the answers, but through this medium and your feedback, knowledge and interaction, we someday hope too!



  1. How long has your sanctuary been accepting ducks.

    The DNR “pulled” 10 disabled (broken wings, deformed beaks, 1 leg)mallards from me in Dec, 2012 that I had had for 10 yrs – thanks to a woman I met at the park and unfortunately trusted.I called rehabbers, vets, nature centers and more for 2 days and no one would accept them. Just to add insult to injury, no one will tell me the truth about what happened to them. I was issued a ticket, went to court twice with people in handcuffs, wife batterers, etc. and put on 1 yr probation. A devastating time in my life.

  2. Hello I have a female Pekin duck that has recently lost her mate to a coyote. Her name is donni and she is very lonely and in need of friends! We also live in a sub division which only has a small creek to suit her needs. She also walks with a limp as she has a problem with her left leg. I am very interested in surrendering her to you guys if you could please make this possible !!

    • Hi Kyle, please call me at your earliest convenience. 248-446-2021. I will be available between nine and 11 this evening. We should be able to help you out. Thanks, Matt

  3. Hello! I was wondering if you would be able to take three female Pekin ducklings in. My friend Ian can’t keep them and is looking for a home.

  4. Hey Matt!
    I tried calling a few times, but I didn’t get an answer And I couldn’t leave a message because the voice mail box was full. However, if you could shoot me a call when you have the time, that’d be great! Thank you so much! 248-494-2884 or email me if you’d like nilampatel1997@gmail.com

    • Please try again, thanks, Matt. Sorry for the delayed response, it has been an extremely busy week and my phone messages were not getting through.

  5. We have 4 Peking Ducks that are several weeks old. Need to find them a forever home. Can you please help?? Thank you so much!!

  6. Hello! I was wondering if you adopt out any ducks? I have 10 fenced acres, and already have 1 rouen drake (2 years old). His best friend recently past away, and he’s been heart broken. We also have a rooster, but it’s just not the same. Thank you for your time!

  7. Hi Matt, there is a female mallard duck located at 8121 N Lilley Rd, Canton, MI 48187 with a possible broken wing.

  8. Hi Matthew,

    Yesterday I picked up 2 Pekin ducklings at a boat launch area on the west side of the state, Holland area, that someone drop off. Do you know of anyone on this side of the state who might take them? We are unable to keep them. Thanks, Bob

    • Try All Species Kinship in Battle Creek, if they cannot take them, they may be able to refer you somewhere. Please let me know what they say. Thanks, Matt

  9. Matt,
    I couldn’t be happier that you have taken on saving birds as your passion. You made us feel at ease knowing you are caring for the injured swan from our lake. He has become a staple in many of our lives during the summer months. This particular one we brought you has such a sweet personality. It was incredibly sad to see his wing dragging on the ground. I believe he came on land in search for help. Thankfully after many phone calls we found you! Many thanks from the neighbors on Lake Orion for everything you’ve done to help him mend.

    Donations will be following this soon. 🙂

  10. We have 3 domestic ducks that need a safe home before winter. We live in Illinois, but will drive ANYwhere that is willing to give them a good, safe home. We would be grateful for your assistance.

  11. hello i have domestic ducks and we got them as a gift and we want to have a place that will take them when they are older. Please let me know if you will accept out two ducks.

    • Sorry, wish we could help, but we actually rescue ducks from bad situations, especially those dumped into the wild without regard for their health and well being. We aren’t in the practice of taking in ducks when people are ‘through’ with them. If we did, we would have a few thousand to have to feed, house and care for for the rest of their lives. Is there any reason that you can’t keep them when they are ‘older’? I would gladly help discuss this with you if necessary. Thanks

  12. My sister and I got two pekin ducks in April. Her duck passed away so I adopted two more from this family that was looking to get rid of their pekin (male) and cayuga (female) so that my duck (female) could have friends. The drake has become very aggressive towards the cayuga. She has been staying in my house to heal because he hurt her pretty badly. Her head has no feathers and a big lump on it. I’ve tried putting her in the back with the other two but as soon as the drake sees her he charges and starts biting her. He is inside with me right now and the girls are out back. They are fine together. I was hoping to get some help rehoming the drake. He’s probably about 10 months old.

    • Can you separate the drake periodically, but keep him close to the girls, like on the other side of a small fence? Most often it is seasonal or territorial, but they overcome that eventually, especially with separation.

      • How often is periodically? She has been in my room for a little over a week and anytime I put her in the backyard he goes for her. We fenced the backyard porch with chicken wire since they’d all go on there and poop. I put the drake back outside in that fenced area. What should I do at night? There is only one duck coop. Should I keep bringing the cayuga inside? Would she be ok in the chicken coop maybe? I’m sorry for all these questions, but I have no clue what I’m doing. I’m 21 and have never had ducks before. It’s safe to say I did not know what I was getting into. I’d hate to give the drake up and would much rather fix the situation instead of rehoming him I just don’t know how. I’ve taken care of bumblefoot problems at home and spent about 2 thousand on vet bills so taking care of them, putting in time and effort is not a problem for me. I just need help.

      • I wrote about a month ago, I have two possible male Pekins and a female cayuga. Things are not getting better. If anything they’ve gotten worse. Both Pekins now attack her. I have to keep them separated constantly, during the day, at night. I thought my pekin was a female since I saw two different types of duck eggs last spring but now I am not too sure. She, or he, has a curled tail feather like drakes do but I figured it was something that just somehow happened. I read online that it is uncommon but does happen. I also read that it’s possible for ducks to change their sex from female to male..? Last night somehow the cayuga got into the other side of the coop with the other two. I have no idea how she got past the partition I put in. She now has two lumps on her head, a scab the size of a dime on her head, and now has a pinhole in her beak from where a scab once was. The scab on her beak was from when the first time I wrote. I’ve been giving her baths and cleaning her. The hole has been there for only a couple days now, since Saturday. When she drinks water spurts out. I really think I need to take her to the vet but I can’t keep her. I live with my mom and she said she needs to go somewhere else, that she will just keep getting hurt. If you can’t take her can you recommend any places that will?

  13. If you are in Michigan I would be MOST concerned about the weather. Putting ducks in and out in this cold weather and much warmer in the house will make them sick. I would separate the male and females by adding chicken wire inside the pen you already have.

  14. I have three baby ducks that are about 2 weeks old. Recently there was a death in the family and it will be kind of hard for me to take care of them now that their caretaker is no longer here. Would you be willing to take them?

  15. Hi – there is a duck in a pond near my house that can’t fly. How can I catch her and bring her in? She’sbeen in the pond s couple of months and now the pond is freezing over.

  16. Do you offer duck sitting services? I am looking for a sitter for my two welsh harlequins. If you do not offer this service, any suggestions?

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