A sad sight to see!

My guess is that the poor Khaki was literally starving to death because she couldn’t find her food. She and the two Pekin’s lived openly in the back yard, and apparently slept under the porch area, making it very difficult to find her food. Plus being terrified of the constant harassment of the males, she was especially apprehensive about coming out of hiding.

Friday around 6pm, I was contacted via text by someone familiar with our organization that sent me a Facebook post that showed a very tiny Khaki Campbell girl that was in pretty rough shape. Several people tried to contact her through Facebook, as well as I. Shortly thereafter, I received a message from the girl who was watching over the ducks while babysitting the past several weeks. She first thought a predator tried to get her, as she tried for a couple weeks to round the girl up. She said she was afraid she was going to have to put her down if somebody was unable to contact her with help. In all honesty, in the ducks condition, it should have only taken about five minutes to pick her up and get her the immediate attention she so desperately needed, as she was completely sightless.

Our timing could not have been better. Once I was finally contacted, I took a 50 minute ride out to Flint to pick her up around 9pm. When I pulled up, my thoughts about her injury were confirmed when I saw two big male Pekin ducks looking for her. Unfortunately when two big Pekin boys have a little khaki girl for their sole companionship, it usually does not end well for the tiny girl, as the mating ritual can be very dangerous, especially with so little supervision. I will delve much further into that in a future post.

Right now however, our focus is on administering the necessary treatment for this angel in hopes for any positive recovery at all. I’m just not sure yet what kind of permanent damage may be hidden behind her precious swollen eyes, but only time, care and love will determine that.

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  1. I’m in Flint area. I have two girls. A Pekin and a Runner. They are my pets. They have time in a fenced yard, a pool to play in, a house to sleep in, locked at night. When they want they come into the big house for treats and sleeps. I do have other pets as well. All rescue either dumped on my property or given to me because of others unfortunate
    situations. I never stop being just amazed at people’s lack of compassion for animals. It just breaks my heart. I consider it common sense but I’m well aware that is not always the case. I’m not trying to be a jerk. I do understand situations happen. If you ever need help with something in the Flint area please let me know.

    • I completely understand. Can you please text me your info to 248-446-2021 so I can lock it in my phone. Thank you again! Matt

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