Not Just Ducks…

LukeThe Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary is not only prejudiced in saving ducks, we also help other animals in need as well.  This sleepy little fella is Luke, previously know as Lulu until she was found out to be a he.  Luke had it pretty rough for a while until we spotted him at the MHS – Rochester.  We were told that he may be around eight years old (we’re still trying to authenticate his date of birth) and for about the past five or so years he has been kind of neglected.  The story is that he bit one of his owners (birds DO things like that once in a while), then they just tossed him into his cage and didn’t let him out again.  He also had a broken wing that never received the proper veterinary care and it still bothers him to this day.  Because of his inability to balance himself correctly with his wings, he still, once in a while, will fall from his perches onto the carpet.  Unfazed, he just gets up, shakes it off, and returns to the top!  He doesn’t seem to be comfortable with the ‘female human’ of the house, my wife, his ‘adopted’ mother, as he will usually lunge after her when she is “within range” of his reach.  We are thus lead to believe that it may have been a woman who did damage to him over the years.  Birds do have a pretty good recall of unpleasant associations….


  1. thank you so much for taking the baby wood ducks today glad to know they will have a place to live the Stagman family

  2. I was wondering if u ever rescue geese? I have a really young goose (like doesnt have feathers yet) that hangs out by my house who appears to have a broken leg. It hobbles around and I think it’s been left by the rest of the flock. I feel so bad for it 🙁

  3. Hello, I am trying to find your sanctuary but according to Google, it is at a post office in Plymouth? Do you have another address?

  4. Hi, we wonder if you can take our two ducks, they are a couple for the last 4 years. We had the fortune to meet you 2 years ago with one of our girls that thanks God you took here under your win. Unfortunately we don’t have the time they deserve. Appreciate if you be able to receive them in your sanctuary

  5. I have two ducks (1 Pekin and 1 blue swedish) that I am looking to rehome. Unfortunately I am moving and can no longer care for them. I am willing to travel for a good sanctuary. Where are you guys located?

  6. Thank you and Therese for being a great voice for those who have none. Your recent stories in the Detroit News and Channel 7 in Detroit confirms your ability to reach the masses.

    David Traina

  7. Hi Matthew,

    Do you do adoptions? I have had pet ducks for a while and I wanted to add 2 Indian runners to my little flock.

    • Sorry for the slow response Annette, yes we do sell duck eggs. Please call or text me at 248-446-2021 for a quicker response and we can talk about this further. Thanks for your interest, Matt

  8. I have an injured adult goose in the pond behind my house. It’s left wing appears damaged/broken. Would your organization be able to come out and help me catch it? Or if not is there any organizations you can recommend that could help catch it in a humane way?

  9. Hello! We have 4 pet Pekin ducks and 2.5 weeks ago one of them got attacked by a predator and the 1 or 1.5″ tip of her bill got bitten off. We had her examined and got meds for her and we have been nursing her back to health. Her bill is healing nicely but her tongue was mangled and the tip was bitten off and the vet believes it is paralyzed. We have been feeding her twice a day with soft food in a syringe. She has learned to drink on her own and spends her days with the other ducks. She seems happy and looks healthy other than having lost about a pound. We are not ready to give up on her yet, but she does not seem to have any interest in eating the soft food out of a dish. Our schedules allow us right now to care for her, but we won’t always have the time to dedicate to hand feeding her. We are reaching out to you to see if there is a possibility that you would be able to take her in if she doses not learn to eat on her own? Her name is Daphne and she’s a sweetie.

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