In Memoriam


The following pages will be dedicated to ALL of the precious little angels that have passed away while living out life to the fullest at the Sanctuary. Many of these beautiful creatures would have perished long ago without ever having had a chance to live as God intended....


  1. I have 3 domestic ducks that need rescue. They came with the house we purchased recently and unfortunately we are unable to properly care for them. We work a lot and really don’t know a lot about their care. We want them to be in a safe warm place before winter. We are located in Brownstown MI. Please email me if you can help.

    • Hello, I have two mallard ducks that needs a better place for them. It is hard to provide for them, since they are not in a better environment where they can be free and adapt into the wild, instead living in the urban area

  2. We are looking to rescue ducks. Are there ducks in need of rescuing at this time?

    Renee Decator

    • Almost always, sadly. Where are you located? Your area code leads me to think Toledo. We may have one tomorrow in Monroe. Can you call me tomorrow at 248-446-2021. Thanks, Matt

  3. Hello,

    I have been foster two baby ducks that my daughter found. I’m not from Michigan but while out here in work I certainly didn’t mind helping. One of them had limp but I think she is ok now and they both almost have all their feathers grown in. I’m looking around at resources for long term homes. Not sure if they can go back to St. Clair lake.

  4. My daughter seen a cat chasing a baby duck and saved it. We live in the Dearborn Heights. We are very close to Hines Drive. Drove through looking for a mamma duck to try and reunite them. No ducks or geese out today. All the water dried up. We got duck food and meal worms, but we’ve never cared for ducks. Appears to be a wood duck. Do you rescue wild ducks too?

  5. I have about a month old Black duckling that needs a new home. We cannot keep it. Please let me know if you would be able to take it. In the city of Canton.

  6. I have 2 drake Indian Runners that are 1 yr old that need a new flock. They have become fatally aggressive with my chickens and I am not able to house them separately. Are you able to help? Or do you know anyone who could?

  7. Hi there. My roommate recently brought home 10 domesticated ducks. I need to get rid of them. They are not allowed in my area, we don’t have the proper set up for them, and I did not agree to this. Please help me.

  8. Hi I have 3 ducks, 1 khaki duck and 2 Pekin ducks I don’t have enough room for them anymore. they need a better home, please let me know if you can take it in.

  9. Hello I have two farm ducks that need to find a home. I took them in from a previous owner and have had no luck rehoming them. One is a male and one is a female. Previous owner gat them In March and gave them to me in mid May. If you guys can please help me out or put me in contact with other resources!!! Thank you!!!

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