Genevieve: The Night Before

Sweet baby Genevieve having some alone time before tomorrows big surgery. She is allowed water, but no food until after the operation. I know that she is in good hands with Dr. Derek Nolan at Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic in Williamston. The Dr. even accepted my request to stand in during the surgery and I […]

Dorothy & Genevieve at the Vet

So sorry for the longer than usual time between posts. The past ten days or so have been pretty extreme, from one end of the spectrum to the other. We’ve had a few wonderful rescues, a few very sad passings, some very COLD nights for some of the ducks, a visit to the vet for […]

Lucy with one eye… is a Diamond!

This beautiful angel is Lucy, and she arrived here at the Sanctuary this past Sunday, 2/8/15. I was informed that an elderly couple had found her as a gosling in a field near their home about a year or so ago. They recently moved and left Lucy in the barn for the new owners to […]

Henry Allen Ford

Henry Allen Ford is our latest little rescue. I received a call from Doug yesterday and he had explained to me that a little male Mallard had been living in a drain culvert next to the parking lot at his place of work. Apparently he was attacked by a hawk and had some damage to […]

Clara “Daisy” Ford

Our newest little addition is Clara “Daisy” Ford, who goes by Daisy. I picked her up Wednesday in Utica, where she had been the family ‘pet’ for many months. She was kept in a small area with three walls and a child’s gate to keep her in. She had never been outside since they had […]