Clara “Daisy” Ford

IMG_8965 (768x1024)Our newest little addition is Clara “Daisy” Ford, who goes by Daisy. I picked her up Wednesday in Utica, where she had been the family ‘pet’ for many months. She was kept in a small area with three walls and a child’s gate to keep her in. She had never been outside since they had her, and I don’t think that she even had an area for swimming, just for drinking. As well intentioned as this may have been (they really became attached to her, which would be easy to do, as she is so sweet), but this is not only illegal, but detrimental to a wild animals health and well being. My understanding is that she was on a diet of bread for some time (AGAIN, bread is the WORST thing that you can feed a wild bird, it has NO nutritional value and it just fills up the animal and makes it think it’s full, and then they will not eat what they should!) This little girl has a damaged wing, and since she did NOT receive proper care, she will NEVER again fly with her friends like she was born to! Wild birds are exactly that, WILD and are NOT meant for captivity, this will stress them greatly. PLEASE remember, it is NOT about you and your wants and needs, but the animal needs, care and concerns, come FIRST. My intention is not to berate any one for what they do, but to make them aware of what not to do. With proper care, she might have been able to fly again, but she won’t now. Please, if you are not familiar with something, learn about it or ask others who may know, knowledge is SO easily available in this day and age. She was introduced to Henry Allen Ford (her name was Daisy, so we added a few to make them a ‘couple’) when she first arrived, and hasn’t left his side since! It was very difficult to get her to swim for the first time since being here (no doubt due to her previous lack of water), but once she finally went in, what a blast she had (video tomorrow). She now has a sweet companion (ducks do love their buddies as they are VERY social creatures), a full and proper diet, and a whole lot of land (for grubbing) and a LARGE pond for swimming (but not for a few weeks yet, as we have to monitor her diet and actions), With some prayers and a little time, she may adjust just fine.  Our thanks to Rona for helping to make this possible! IMG_8971 (768x1024)

**Every time that we rescue a duck, we try to get as much information about the condition and history of the duck as possible, so that we can post an accurate story along with pictures.   However, not all of the information is given to us at that time, so we post that which IS available, never adding or subtracting from the truth.  In the case of Daisy, we waited several days to post because we thought that there might be more to the story, but never heard back.  AFTER the post, it was brought to my attention that the reason Daisy was kept for so many months, was that while making several attempts to find her a nice home, everyone that was contacted, wanted to put her down.  That being said, we are truly grateful that WE were finally contacted.  Apparently, more recently, Daisy was given a diet of mealworms and a corn/protein mix.  So again, we would like to thank all of those involved in her rescue!

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