Adorable Dorothy

IMG_8554 (768x1024)

This adorable little head belongs to Dorothy, she was one of several sweethearts that we picked up from Sasha Farms last summer. Strangely, Thursday, while Monty and Dorothy (whom she was named after) were visiting our Sanctuary (dropping off five more ducks, story on its way) we, by mere coincidence, came across Dorothy sort of falling over to one side, as though she was disorientated. I thus, scooped her up and brought her inside, indefinitely. The whole event was the strangest thing. She appears to be doing just fine now, but she will definitely not be going out anytime soon. She has the cutest little head, and is so precious. I just sat with her for a while and she just melted. But, she can be feisty, in a cute sort of way.

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