Wish List

As is on the top of the list of most charity organizations, monetary donations are always appreciated, as they primarily help with things such as: veterinary costs, medications, food, straw and the like.

Things we can always use:
(These things can be used,  if they are in good condition)

pickle buckets
outdoor furniture cushions
(excellent for injured animals to lay on and easy to rinse off)
travel carriers, all sizes
towels, all sizes
artificial trees and large plants
outdoor umbrellas








  1. Thanks for showing me the house yesterday. I really appreciate it, and look forward to showing it to my partners. I really like your website, and it you need a volunteer, please call.

    • Hi Duane, sorry for the slow response, if you would like to call me at your convenience, I can explain in better detail over the phone. We are pretty open. Thanks for your interest in helping us. 🙂 Matt 248-446-2021

      • If you could take our 6 abandoned ducklings we would be happy to donate care for them and have some lumber delivered from a hardware store nearby or gift card if easier for you to pick out yourself. We want them to have the best shot at a great life.

        • I left you a massage via our website as well. Please call me after 12 today at 248-446-2021. Thanks, Matt

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