1. There is a Canadian Goose outside of the building at 17000 Oakwood Blvd in Allen Park. It is right by the door and has been standing there for the last two days.

  2. We have ducklings that are stuck in between our building at work 2 have already passed away . I can catch the babies but the momma is super smart this year unable to catch her unless I have a net .

  3. I have a couple of baby ducks maybe 3 weeks that I found and been taking care of. I’m not sure we’re to bring them?

  4. I have two Peken ducks that we can linger have at our home due to the association, they’re great ducks and have been with us since little ducklings, my kids are very attached and need to find a good place for them. What do I do?

    • Send me pics and I’ll see what I can do…no promises. We get these same stories almost everyday and have a lot of ducks to find homes for.

  5. Hello, I am in Minnesota. I live on a lake. There is a young Trumpeter swan with a broken wing. Does anyone know what I can do to help it? It is by itself, I believe the rest have flown south

  6. When going on a walk in a park I found a duckling all by himself. I waited about an hour far away from him to see where his family would be. But sadly he was by himself and it was getting too cold for him to stay by himself, so I took him in but I don’t know what to do with him.

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