Marold Vet Update

The vet says that Marold has severe gout, and that it will just get progressively worse. She believes that it is too late to treat it and that his leg is beyond repair because of the calcification that has already taken place in his joint.  It may have been treatable if he was attended to […]


Marold getting cleaned up for his visit to the vet tomorrow. He seems in much better spirits since we deloused him. however, he still doesn’t want to stand on his swollen leg. Please wish him the best!


                This charmingly handsome little fellow is Houdini, and he is Black Call Duck. He was dropped off on 12/18/14, the same day that Huey was picked up at the airport. Unlike Huey, who doesn’t want anything to do with the outdoors, at least no…t yet anyway, Houdini […]


                  This little beauty is Jacqueline, she had a minor inflammation on her right foot and was walking very gingerly on it, so she was pulled aside for a few days to give her some relief, and while checking her out, we noticed that she had some […]

Newsflash – “Gracie”

 A newsflash for those of you ‘keeping score’. Our little girl Grace Hopper isn’t…’she’ is a BOY! I believe that she may have been named a little prematurely at the Mill Pond in Brighton. He has matured into a handsome Drake Mallard. However, I am going to continue to call him Gracie because that is […]