Three Robins in Spring

These three little “always hungry” munchkins were hatched last spring in one of the Arborvitae bushes close to the front door of the house.  I found it interesting that the mother would always leave through the front of the  bush but never go back that way.  She would always go in from the back after staying very close to the […]

Brutus is back

I noticed that Brutus is back again for yet another year of raising his babies at the Sanctuary.  I had begun to notice several Canadian geese starting to drop in over the past week or two, but I wasn’t quite sure who had arrived yet.  But it is official as of yesterday, Brutus had walked past me […]

Joe Louis

This is one tough duck!  Joe Louis (black & white – with Pom Pon behind) got his name a few years ago when he was found with his neck twisted through a fence and we didn’t think that he had too much of a chance.  The entire back of his neck was raw and bloody from […]


This sweet little angel was rescued along with a Pekin pair (Belle & Beau – the names we gave them all) from what would be classified as an extremely stressful and horrible environment.  They were caged with a bunch of chickens who apparently tormented this poor fellow to no end.  They were kept in a large […]

The Elvis Bros.

It was a very sad day today at the Sanctuary, as we lost our dear Elvis in Black, when he went to reunite with his brother, Elvis in Red, who passed away within 24 hours to the day, exactly one year ago!  These gentle giant Muscovy’s came to the Sanctuary via the ASPCA Nevins Farm, MA…… These gentlemen had a few […]


Little Pudge with the sweetest little shape was actually named after “Pudge” Rodriguez, former Detroit Tiger catcher, because of his stocky and solid, yet compact little frame.  Pudge is more often a loner than a groupie, although he does share time with the ladies now and again….