IMG_0301This sweet little angel was rescued along with a Pekin pair (Belle & Beau – the names we gave them all) from what would be classified as an extremely stressful and horrible environment.  They were caged with a bunch of chickens who apparently tormented this poor fellow to no end.  They were kept in a large pen with a concrete slab as the floor, some filthy water and worst of all, there was a pen with several raccoons right next to them.  Since raccoons are a natural predator to ducks, it could have only been a constantly terrifying situation for them.  I had never rescued a duck in such a physically and mentally deteriorating condition in my life. The owner agreed that the chickens gave Righty a rough time, yet he did NOTHING to correct the problem.  Righty had a broken left wing (to say the least), feathers missing everywhere on his malnourished little frame, drooping wings and head, and he was constantly shaking from the moment we laid eyes on him.  At first, the owner was reluctant to give him up, but with a little prodding, he finally relented.  We actually couldn’t believe that Righty was still hanging in with his pitiful condition.  After crating Belle & Beau and placing them in the back seat, my wife gently picked up Righty and wrapped him comfortably in a soft towel and then we headed home.  On the way, I called my vet to try to get him an appointment ASAP and start the long process of rehabilitation.  Upon arriving home, he seemed to calm down considerably, which we prayed was the beginning of a new day for Righty.  He FINALLY tasted freedom after what was truly a long and weary captivity.   I do remember that it was a warm summer afternoon and I wanted so much for him to sit in the warm water near the shallow shore and let him know and feel how wonderful and pleasant his life was about to become, after so many regretful years.  We placed him in the water, then I swear that I could feel in my heart, the comfort that he felt to finally be free, as nature intended, in the natural surrounding that was his destiny.  As the seconds and  minutes passed, so had he, from his first taste of paradise on Earth, to the greatest paradise of all, Heaven!

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