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Please understand that our site is new and in it’s developmental stage.  It order for this site to provide the absolute most for it’s viewers, it will continuously be updated.  We purposely intended to get it up ASAP, even before it was probably ready for “prime time” so that we could at least have an access available for any current rescue situation.  We thank you for your patience – and any input or suggestions you may like to propose.

Also, our personal thanks to Doug Peterson at Words4It.com, the nature blog for the Brighton millpond in Michigan, for his continued support and assistance in the development of this site!


Matthew Lyson


  1. I just wanted to THANK YOU again for taking the 7 ducking chip, churp, cheep, peep, squeak, pip & yelp. Yes we did name them in the few hours we had them. We know they are good negligible hands.

    • Hi Wendy, the ducklings that you brought to the sanctuary all grew up into beautiful birds and were set free at the Sanctuary. Whether or not they stayed is to difficult to tell, as we have dozens upon dozens of mallards that visit daily. I’m pretty sure there’re still around though. We finally did receive our 501(c)3 tax exempt status last month, and we began a Facebook page shortly thereafter. Please LIKE us at Michigan Duck Rescue on FB, and please be sure to tell all of your friends to LIKE us as well! Thanks!

  2. Good evening, I’m contacting you with sadness we have a beautiful domestic duck that I’m not sure we can keep . Unfortunately a young man brought my daughter a baby. Although he is older now a few months, he’s getting larger and I don’t think it’s fair to not give him the life he deserves. He got it from the farm, which I can’t even imagine why they would just give a talk to anyone it angers me. The stock is a beautiful dog it is kind of get some excited when we come to see him. He did have siblings at the farm and because he is away from them he sleeps in front of a mirror . I can tell he already loves us and my daughters adore him but like I said I’m hoping he can have a better life than what he has now . I’m wondering if ducks are open to accepting other ducks and if you have any space for him ? I contacted many places they don’t return my phone calls and I just want to make sure I find the right place for him . Thank you so much for your help

    • Sonya, I am going to assume that you no longer need my assistance as this is my third response (with no reply) to help you with your lone duck. Good luck, and if you need us in the future, please do not hesitate to call us at 248-446-2021, thanks, Matt.

  3. Hello,

    I am wondering if you allow people to adopt ducks? We had our pekin pass away unexpectedly and now we have an ancona who is alone. I’ve been looking for a second duck (we are limited to two) with no luck. We need to get a second before it gets too cold. Our Ancona is currently in the house but she can’t stay in the house long term.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  4. We are in need of a rescue for a swan that is injured and cannot fly. We live on Camp Lake, in Sparta Michigan. My husband has been keeping. Hole open in the ice for several weeks now, and feeding it as best as he can. We found a place who would take the swan, but they said we had to catch it, which of course we aren’t real comfortable doing. Your information was forwarded to us by a friend, who said you were able to help someone they knew, so we hoped it might be possible for your help here as well.

  5. Matt, you ask2who referrex us, and it was Celine Schmid, you helped Ahna Schmid with an injured goose.
    Thank you for all you do.

    • Hi Michelle, don’t remember if I responded before, but he is doing very well! He comes in every night with the rest of the flock.

    • HI Bob, SO sorry I missed your message. We can always use any thickness of plywood, preferably smooth on one side, 2×4’s, 2×6’s…up to 2×12’s. Thanks for your interest and thanks for following.

  6. We have a goose at red run golf club in royal oak that has an injured wing and has been left behind. Can you help and take him or her in ? Please let me know if possible and what is process. Thanks!!

  7. Hi Matthew, I currently reside in central Illinois. I have found 3 Pekin ducks and 3 Caygua (?) Ducks and possibly more domestic ducks abandoned in a city pond near my apartment. I am so worried about what they will do for the winter since they can’t fly and there is no safe place for them to take shelter. They sleep on some rocks in the middle of the pond where it is cold and windy, although safe from predators I think.

    Here are some pictures of the duck and their current home. http://imgur.com/a/HetTK
    I’m going to try and buy them some food from a pet store/tractor supply store. I really just want them to find a good home. I’m willing to drive to the Santuary and possible donate some money/supplies. I wish I could keep some but renting a small apartment as a college student this is not feasible.

    Thanks you so much for your time. You can call or text me at 217-766-3584.
    I think you’re doing really great work!

    • Hi Jamin, I have left you a few phone messages and a text, but have not heard back from you. Do you still need our assistance? You can reach us at 248-446-2021 Thanks.

  8. Matt, many thanks for taking in my Daisy on such short notice. We both knew she would not last the night due to a predator which killed her mate Duke. Thank-you for keeping me updated on her condition. I appreciate the picture. I really miss her, but I know she’s in good hands. How do I donate?

    • You can donate by sending a check to PO Box 701756 Plymouth, MI 48170 and please make it our to our organization. We also have paypal on this site. Thanks so much, Matt

  9. HI:

    I live in Kalamazoo Michigan and have about 100 ducks that are from WMU’s property showing up at my house every sundown for the deer’s whole corn. It is only a matter of time before one of them is injured and I will be stuck with them. Where or who should I contact in case this happens?

  10. I know of 2 male and 1 female Roen adult ducks that are in need of a home. Where are you located? I’m in Ionia, Michigan.

  11. Hello! A family member of mine has or will be dropping off a baby duckling that was booted out of mom’s nest for bad legs… I would love to stay updated on how he/she is doing. We named her Tipsy.

    The baby would have been dropped off with you on Memorial Day.

  12. Hi there, I’m wondering if you can help us. We have two male ducks, both about six and a half months old (a Pekin and a Rouen), that we are hoping you could rescue for us. We had every intention of keeping these ducks, to provide them with a loving home and a long life, but we’ve run into predator issues that are now putting not only the ducks but our dogs at risk as well. We live on a wooded lot and even though we make sure the ducks are in a secure enclosure when we are not able to be with them, we’ve had some serious predator break-in attempts along with an increase in predator sightings both at night and now even in the daytime. I’m becoming nervous to even let them or my dogs out during the day anymore and they don’t deserve to be cooped up like this. I hope you can help us, they are such good ducks and deserve the best!

  13. Hello, there was a nearly frozen mallard duck in the middle of a neighborhood street that was not moving and assumed injured. When he was brought home and warmed up, he did not appear to have injuries, but is not attempting to fly. We are not sure if he was a pet that was released and/or why he did not migrate. We can keep him warm inside for now, with water, blanket, grains/vegetables, but were wondering if you would be able to take him in for the winter. Any advice is helpful! Thank you.

    • The duck has now made a new home at a nature center who is clearing up his cold & making him fat & happy. They believe he was without a doubt a pet that was released (another reminder that people should not buy ducks as pets without doing research), which is why he was so excited to snuggle up on the couch.

      • Hi Megan, I’m so sorry for the long delay in responding. I can’t currently check this site as often as I cam FB or my emails. Glitches! Do you know who has the duck? If I can contact them, perhaps we can bring him to our Sanctuary and care for him and give him lots of duck company. Please either call me @ 248-446-2021, ducks@michiganduckrescue.com, FB, or this site if need be. Thanks for a great job!

  14. Hello,
    I am writing you because a family member of mine has two ducks that he can no longer take care of. one is a white crested duck and the other is a cayunga duck. both are males and about 10mo old. My cousin is currently in the hospital and can no longer take care of the ducks. I really want them to find them a good home. I’m willing to drive to the Santuary and donate money for supplies/food. they are well behaved ducks. I wish I could care of them but I live in a small apartment. please let me know what I can do to help them find a good home. Ducks are currently living in Chicago. thank you, evelyn

    • Hi Evelyn, sorry for the slow response, we’ve been extremely busy and I have been working solo for the past several weeks. Please call me later at 248-446-2021 and we can talk about your duck situation. Thanks, Matt

    • Call me sometime and I’m sure we can set up a quick visit. We are just so busy this time of year. Thanks for your interest! Matt

  15. Good Afternoon,

    There are two Peking Ducks who have taken to us in a way. One seems to be completely fine, but he is most certainly the protector of the other. The other seems to have been born with a defect in his/her legs and walking is very difficult and often falls forward, face first when walking. I’m in an apartment with a private entrance and the ducks have taken to us. We feed them bread or cracked corn and bird seed when we have it. They are a pair for sure, and the one who has health issues seems to be in distress when not near his / her friend if gone too long. They stick pretty close to eachother most of the time. The feathers are also coming off of the one with the leg issue. I feel horrible not knowing how to help but fear calling sheriff as I’m sure they’d separate them and put the one down without a second thought.
    Do you help in these situations?

  16. …ps…at work now too, that’s why i can’t call right now …thanks again. 🙂

  17. Hi,
    I have looked at countless petting zoos and I didn’t trust any of them. This place sounds amazing and like heaven for a duck. If it is possible, would be willing to take 2 Rouen ducks in the fall? I love this ducks and would like them to go to a good place. Please respond with any questions. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns. Thank you!

    Reagan Moran

  18. Hi. I currently have 3 large demostic ducks & 1 duckling. I have them as pets in my back garden & the ducking in my house.

    I’ve recently had to move out of my property & my new accommodation does not allow any sort of pet or animals. I could not really turn down the property as I’m expecting a child and had no room in my other property.

    I’m looking for a safe home for my ducks & some where they will be looked after correctly.

    The 3 adults hatched at the same time and can not separated. They’re names are Eliza, Grace & Bully. 2 females 1 male.

    I have a duckling also which is from the large ducks (I’m not sure which female is her mother) she’s also a female duck. But I’ve not managed to get the big ducks to take her on. They chase her away and peck at her and the male tries to attack her. She’s called lucky duck she’s around 2 months old now. Lovely little duckling although she is starting to not want to be held and human contact so I think she’s ready to be more independent and go outside.

    Hope someone can help me as I really care for these ducks and want the best for them.

    Could someone call me please on 07534837199 or email me on Bethany-harrison96@hotmail.co.uk

  19. Hi,
    I need to rehome a couple of drakes from my flock. The drakes are too aggressive towards my female ducks, and are injuring the females from overmating and I’m scared it will be fatal.
    Would they be welcome at your sanctuary? How do you keep the females safe?

  20. Hi i need help i have a duckling he is going to be a month this April 18 and we cant have him here in milwaukee i live so far is there something we can come up with please i want him to have a happy life and i love him so much and its so sad but i cant have him here anymore can you please help me. I also have 12 chickens idk if you guys can take them too please help them ill me and my husband will start working soon and i cant take care of them

  21. Hello! I was wondering if by chance you guys adopt out any of your ducks? I had 2 female ducks, a pekin and a khaki, and two days ago my khaki passed my pekin seems very on edge and depressed and it kills me to see her like that.. I’ve tried to find someone who is selling a female within 45 miles of me but I haven’t been able to find anyone selling females, all the posts I come across are either males or unsexed ducklings.
    I don’t know if you adopt them out seeing as you rescue them from bad situations, but I figured it’s worth a try.
    Thank you❤️

  22. I have a domestic duck named lucky, I unfortunately have to re-home him due to him being a bit aggressive to our flock of chickens. He’s very friendly to people, and he’s a bit tempermental to people petting him. I’ve read lots about this place and would appreciate a place I know he’d be safe.

    • Hi Madi, I’m sorry that I’m just now getting back with you. We have been very busy these past few months, and we get so many calls, texts ands emails, sometimes it’s hard to get back to everyone within a reasonable amount of time. Plus, we always try to prioritize emergencies first, which their have been an extreme overabundance of this year. I’m glad it appears to have worked out well for you. However, if something changes, please feel free to contact me via phone at 248-446-2021. Phone or text is quickest, as it is always with me. The website is the hardest since I cannot retrieve it from my phone. Thanks, Matt

  23. Looking for some help. We two females with babies now and one male that are running freely around our house that need a home. We have been feeding them so they don’t starve but they won’t leave. They are now venturing into the road and that won’t turn out very well

  24. I live on a pond where we have domestic ducks (3) and geese (2) that will not make it for the winter since last year we unfortunately lost 2 ducks to a fox. The person that got them moved and does not want them anymore and one of the goose has gotten mean and I keep him in my backyard to not attack people at our local park. I want to give them the best life but I can’t keep a honking goose in my yard and want to save the ducks for the winter.

  25. Hello! I have two female mallards and one male mallard and unfortunately had to move out from my previous house where the duckies reside! They live in a big beautiful double pond with a creek and a few acres to roam if they please, but now that I’ve moved I cannot have them where I am in the city. This is their first winter and I am unsure of how we will find the time to be able to care for them an hour away. My mom is getting old and wouldn’t be able to handle to work during the winter. We have set out a duck house Closer to the house where they come to eat but they haven’t checked it out. Please let me if you can help me rehome them to a new home before the winter. Thank you!

    • We will take them asap, especially since it sounds like they are not securely protected from predators. Please text me some pics to 248-446-2021 asap, and we can set up a time for you to drop them off. It sounds like they are Rouen ducks, not mallards. Thanks, Matt

  26. Matthew,
    I recently ran across a domestic duck with what looks to be a horribly infected leg who was dumped into a chicken pen (worst 1 I’ve ever seen) and the farm owner has no interest or money to care for him. He’s dirty (no water), looks so thin & must’ve broken/injured his leg trying to get into the coop on a ramp with holes bigger than 5″. Anyhow, I asked the farm owner who doesn’t want this helpless duck (who said take him) & I fear he will die in the next few days. Please, if you can take him in call me & I will drive him to you. I love ducks and would take him home if the city allowed but you are his only hope. Thank you & my # is 313-285-0318.

    Respectfully, Donna

  27. Hello,

    My name is Melody and I am writing concerning the four ducks that my family owns. The youngest child in our family graduated high school last year and is now in college. We began owning poultry years ago when we were all in high school. Our lives have all changed since then, and us three high schoolers are now grown and off at college. Our mom works 8AM- 6pm days and our father 2pm-12 AM second shift afternoon/nights. Our chickens are doing very well; they are well cared for and healthy. However, our ducks are a much bigger problem as there are two male Pekins and two female Cayuga ducks. The females are smaller and one gets along with the males but the other is petrified of the male ducks. We used to be able to separate them out (half inside the fence and half outside) but with winter and my father sleeping most of the day, as well as no one being home. It seems that the one lowest on the pecking order is unhealthy and upset. She hides almost all day in the duck barn barely eating. We make sure to chase the other three away in the night and morning so she can at least eat twice a day.

    I write in hopes that you could take them in. I am heartbroken that we have to part with these animals as they are and have been part of my family for a long time, but with us kids being away at college now, and our parents working so that they can’t properly care for them with the needs they have, I have no choice but to try and find a home for them.

    I just want a good home for them where they will be taken care of and happy.

    Thank you, and sincerely,


  28. Hello, i have 4 Indian Runners that need to be relocated due to living arrangements that will not allow us to keep them anymore. I want them to have a great home!

  29. I am moving to Arizona due to my husband getting a new job I have 2 ducks. My Peking female is having a hard time getting up but she can walk around My male I think is a Runner Duck he is the color of a Malord Duck. I wanted a safe new home for them.

    • Please text me pictures to 248-446-2021 at your convenience and we will see what we can do. I’m sure we will be able to help. Please follow up with a phone call tomorrow. Thanks, Matt

  30. Do you have any idea what has happened to all of the ducks at the Mill Pond in Brighton, Michigan? We wanted to contact Doug Peterson, as he has always been the resident duck expert, but were unable to do so.

    • Hi Doris, thanks for reaching out. Sadly, Doug passed away a couple of years ago…and he is deeply missed! I wasn’t aware that there weren’t any out there, but that is definitely a good thing. Hopefully they were rescued. We have picked up one or two, here and there as we were able to, but many were very skittish. Be sure to check thoroughly on all sides of the pond. Please let me know if you see any. You can text me at 248-446-2021 for a quicker response. Thanks, Matt

      • Thank you for your quick response.
        We are so sorry to hear about Doug. My husband had metal sculptures (flowers) in the pond for a few years. Whenever we put them out or cleaned them, Doug would show up and talk to us and tell us about the ducks. He truly loved each and every one of them.
        I will look around more thoroughly for the ducks. I hope they are ok.
        Thanks again,

  31. Hi,

    I have a 3 yr. old daughter who, ever since she was one, has been obsessed with ducks. We would love to take her somewhere for her upcoming birthday to see one, learn how to take care of it, etc. I happened to stumble on your website and was wondering if you do such a thing. If not, would you know someone who does?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you kindly,


  32. Attempted to reach you by phone. Found a small mallard duck. Trying to take somewhere. Live downriver.

  33. Hello I don’t see a phone number on website but I found a baby duck that appears to be injured in my yard. I don’t know much about ducks any help is appreciated.

  34. Hi, I’m trying to see if you would be able to take my Male Khaki Campbell. His siblings were killed (we think by a hawk or maybe a coyote) and I don’t have the time to raise ducklings with him unfortunately. I don’t want him to live his life in solitude. He’s about 2 years old and super sweet. Please let me know, I’ve been trying to rehome him. Thank you in advance!

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