A sad sight to see!

My guess is that the poor Khaki was literally starving to death because she couldn’t find her food. She and the two Pekin’s lived openly in the back yard, and apparently slept under the porch area, making it very difficult to find her food. Plus being terrified of the constant harassment of the males, she […]

Domestic ducks do not belong in the wild!

Before you continue on this post, please understand that this read is in no way intended to offend, demean or ridicule anyone who may have experienced these situations first hand, unless of course, it was done with willful intent.  Our purpose is to try to educate others with our experiences, of which we have had […]

Dumped and Dying!

Here is just another sad and disturbingly tragic story of duck dumping.  Will people ever understand the pain and suffering that these poor angels go through when dumped into the wild, because of the blatant ignorance of actions? We received a call late into the evening late night, about a duck that was apparently struck […]

A Ducks Christmas Wish!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays to all who have followed and supported us throughout the year! Please do not forget to support your favorite charity by years end, and hopefully, Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary, is atop your list! 🙂 www.michiganduckrescueandsanctuary.com/donate/ Thank you!! Also, please follow us on Instagram for new photos, videos and short […]

Dumped for Death!

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with the first picture below? Obviously, this is just a rhetorical question. Just what in the world are these two precious babies doing here, on a neighborhood street with NO ONE around, in the a.m., after the night of the cold spell on Monday, 4/9/18. This is yet ANOTHER […]

The Easter Duckling Hustle

Easter is in the air, and the sad cycle begins again! Easter is supposed to be a wonderful time of year, but for MOST ducklings and chicks and bunnies too, it is only a time of sadness, abuse and even death. You see, this is the time of year that the push is on for […]

Curbside Pickup

I had to take a short break from the Barn cleanup Saturday to check out a call about a swan sitting on the side of the road on 9 mile just east of Halsted Rd. When I arrived, he was just sleeping about 10 feet from a fairly busy road. I approached him from the […]

Abandonment is just plain criminal!

Yesterday, 11/7/17, late afternoon, dinner time for most normal people, I received a call from Wendy from Walmart, in Canton, telling me that she had noticed a large white duck in the back of their building on Ford Rd., just sitting near the rear door of the store, where a sufficient amount of traffic literally […]

Predators don’t always win!

Last night an angel came to our home, via Cyrus, who said that he noticed her in his yard early in the morning. She appeared to have been attacked by something, so he tried to bandage her up as best he could. After contacting us mid-afternoon, he brought her by a few hours later. Our […]

Graham Quacker

Saturday morning I received a call from Bonnie, regarding a domestic duck that had been making his ’home’ between a couple of houses on a residential street in Redford, in an open lot that fills up with standing water. He had apparently been there for a few months, just sleeping on the edge of the […]