The Easter Duckling Hustle

Easter is in the air, and the sad cycle begins again!

Easter is supposed to be a wonderful time of year, but for MOST ducklings and chicks and bunnies too, it is only a time of sadness, abuse and even death. You see, this is the time of year that the push is on for the sale of millions of baby ducks and chicks throughout the country.
Easter is often the ‘trick’ used to promote these sales in abundance, and to sell ALL of the accompanying necessities for their survival. “What a cute Easter basket it will make”! Let me first preface by saying that we have NO problem with the sale or purchase of these wonderful creatures, as long as people understand what is involved in their development. Time, love, money, commitment…and a LOT of it!

These babies are NOT disposable at the ‘purchasers’ whim! They should NOT be given as gifts without the receivers knowledge, as that will almost NEVER work out well. If your one year old child ‘must’ have one after the sales pitch is made, buy them a big stuffed one, it will last much longer, and it will most likely not suffer in the process.

You are the parent, please show them how to be responsible. After you leave the store, your child will forget all about it. Having ‘good intentions’ is not enough when it comes to the life of ANY animal, PERIOD! If you think that I am sitting on my high horse preaching, then that is fine, as I HAVE seen the results of abuse, first hand, many, many times, and it can be sickening, so you can label me as such, but if I can stop even one unnecessary death, it will be well worth it!

Another very important and often overlooked issue with purchasing ducklings and chicks, is the potential for salmonella contamination, especially in children, the elderly, and those persons with respiratory and immune deficiency disorders. This is not a scare tactic in an attempt to stop people from purchasing these babies, these are facts that are corroborated by the CDC, Center for Disease Control. A quick google search can be a huge wake-up call! From the feathers to the feces, bacteria is abundant. Cleanliness is a mandatory and daily (or more) exercise. Kissing and cuddling them is the quickest way to exposure to the disease.

Most local cities and municipalities have ordinances either limiting, or outright banning farm animals, including poultry from being housed within the city limits.

Ducklings bought in stores are DOMESTIC animals, and not WILD, and CANNOT live in the wild after being dumped after the fad wears off.

They WILL die of starvation, be killed by any one of a number of vicious predators, be harassed by ignorant people who know no better…

They will not remain healthy no matter how big or clean the lake or pond they are dumped in is, because they need a special diet with all of the important nutrients and proteins necessary for a healthy and long life. They are also companion animals that need exactly that, companionship and caring from responsible adults! Children are NOT responsible adults.

PLEASE share this post with as many people as you can, so we can make an even BIGGER difference!

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