Patito and The Black Crowes

After picking up Patito from Antonia and Rich in Pittsburgh this past Saturday, we began our return back to Michigan, and not too long into our travels, The Black Crowes popped up on the radio, and Patito began to find his singing groove.  I was laughing so hard, I almost had to pull over for […]

Sweet Sydney, better days ahead!

We now have Sydney, named after the daughter of Carrie who traveled a couple of hours to Battle Creek, MI to rescue this poor baby from almost certain death. She arrived at our Sanctuary at approx. 6:00pm last night and was thoroughly checked out. She is extremely boney with a very pronounced keel, weighing a […]

King of the Pond

Monday I received a call from my friend Lory, who was with her son Enzo, on a school field trip at a small neighborhood lake in Northville. She had explained to me that a swan had been resting on a shore, not too far from where his mate was nesting, and apparently, someone had noticed […]

Little Sarah, smile awhile…

This past Saturday (5/30/15), we welcomed a new member to the Sanctuary family, and her name is Little Sarah, and she appears to be an Orpington (aka. Buff) breed.  John had called me earlier in the day and told me that they found a little injured duck quacking behind their garage in Birmingham, so he and his […]