Patito and The Black Crowes

After picking up Patito from Antonia and Rich in Pittsburgh this past Saturday, we began our return back to Michigan, and not too long into our travels, The Black Crowes popped up on the radio, and Patito began to find his singing groove.  I was laughing so hard, I almost had to pull over for a minute, as some parts of his syncing couldn’t have been dubbed any better.  What a wonderful character he is, and we are so happy and blessed to have him in our care.

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    • Karina, I appreciate your concern for Patito, but I think in all fairness you should know the full story before you make an inaccurate comment without having been in the car with us. First off, Patito was in an air-conditioned car with the windows up, thus, he was NOT hot, the temperature was very comfortable for Patito. Secondly, Patito was a bit ‘excited’, ‘stressed’, ‘anxious’, (choose whichever adjective you’d like), because he had just received a therapeutic massage on his congenitally deformed feet by my wife. He may not have ‘enjoyed’ the therapy, but it is a necessary part of a series of progressive treatments that will continue to be applied to Patito over the next several weeks in hopes that we can correct his unfortunate abnormality. Regarding the video, it so happened that as soon as my wife had finished the session, the song came on and it was a very pleasant moment in a very unpleasant situation. I decided to share this ‘coincidentally’ timed event with those who know his plight. Sometimes it is okay and refreshing to lift spirits, especially when spirits need lifting! If you care to read Patito’s whole story to understand the sequence of events, I invite you to check it out on our FB page. I am not asking you to LIKE us, I am just asking you to understand the whole story before you make uniformed accusations and observations. Sincerely, Matt

  1. Matt and his wife provide incredibly needed rescue and care for birds that are in such dire need of care and a peaceful haven to live out their lives. Please join me in supporting this WONDERFUL sanctuary with your WELL NEEDED monetary contributions.

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