Sisters from the Junction

During this past, extremely busy,  week, I had been contacted by Mike, who runs the Oakview Cemetery in Royal Oak.  He had informed me that three Pekin ducks had been ‘dumped’ in the small pond near the entrance of the cemetery, which was maybe less than a football field from some major roads.  The entrance is never closed completely to accommodate the safety and security of roaming, non-human life, so a very short excursion would have put these precious little girls in the middle of major Michigan traffic, in the center of a very urban city!  I know, some of you are probably looking at these ‘pretty pictures’ and thinking, awww,  what a thoughtful and serene and quaint place to ‘throw out’ some unwanted animals that no longer hold the purchasers interest, because the ‘burden is too heavy, and the fad… faded.  No matter what images the pictures create in ones’ mind, this I can certainly guarantee without question, these three innocent ‘victims’, of being purchased by the wrong ‘animal’, would be very lucky to even make it TO their first winter, let alone through it!  As I have said, and will continue to vigorously say, this is animal cruelty, whether intentional or not, and needs to be called out and made a crime.  DO NOT buy something that you cannot care for the rest of THEIR lives, pet are NOT about YOU!  They are NOT disposable!  They are NOT toys that can be throw out with the trash, simply because they have out lived their ‘usefulness’!  Please, be a responsible pet owner, or don’t be one!  Pet lives matter!

On a more pleasant note, the title describes the town where three sisters grew up.  Can you name the quaint little town?   Hint: Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo and Billie Jo…

IMG_3259 (1024x768)




IMG_3267 (1024x768) (2)

Settling in at the Sanctuary, their true final resting place!

IMG_3257 (1024x768)

Saying their ‘last goodbyes’ to a pseudo paradise!

IMG_3252 (1024x768) (2)

As we pulled up, they actually, almost excitedly, came up to greet us! Would YOU want to make a cemetery YOUR home?

IMG_3248 (1024x768)

Never judge a picture… by a picture! There is always MORE to it than meets the eye. Pictures are in 2D, reality is in 3D and beyond!

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  1. We had a cemetery near our first home in Illinois, but it had a tall iron fence and was locked at night. It had 2 ponds lots of ducks, swans and a herd of deer, a llama, etc. We took a Muscovy duck there, that the city gave us after I took them to court after they tried to take my daughter’s ducks away from her, siting a law against having farm animals. ABC came out twice to cover the trial. After the trial, which I won, I found out that the man only 2 blocks away from us that owned a HORSE in his back yard was a city employee and his horse disappeared during the trial. The cemetery that you rescued these feathered babies from was NOT like ours. YOU DID A GOOD THING!

  2. Matt – Thank You for all of your help with the ducks. We had named them Peter, Paul, and Mary before we learned they were all female! LOL! I appreciate all the work you do to keep our feathered friends safe and living long happy lives. They look great at the sanctuary! Thanks Again!

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