Victoria and Valentino

These two sweet beauties came to our Sanctuary this past Saturday, 2/20/16, via Chicago. They belonged to Jimmy, who can no longer give him the attention that they need. His mother, sister, and a friend, made the trip last week and brought them ‘home’. Victoria is on the left with the white ‘freckles’, and Valentino […]

Morning Rush Hour!

Last Sunday, 2/14/16, I had to go out in the freezing cold to break loose the garage door from the frozen concrete at 7:30am, to let the morning ‘rush hour’ begin! Usually, I can do this from my office window with a remote, but when it is very cold out (of course), I have to […]

Feast of the Cantaloupes!

Nothing sweeter than a duck ‘slurping up’ cantaloupe. Last week, Kroger gave us about 75 cantaloupes that were a little too ripe to sell. Not being picky at all, our residents wasted no time finding the inside back of the rind, some even ate the entire rind! Some, also didn’t even wait for me to […]

I think I’ll have the salad for lunch!

It was time for a lunch break at the Sanctuary the other day, and another treat for the ‘residents’! I can never watch enough video of the munchkins eating their veggies! Thanks again to Kroger, for their continued support of our Sanctuary (extra kudos to: Steven, Cherie, Stasha, and Merri…) and for ensuring that our […]