I think I’ll have the salad for lunch!

It was time for a lunch break at the Sanctuary the other day, and another treat for the ‘residents’! I can never watch enough video of the munchkins eating their veggies!
Thanks again to Kroger, for their continued support of our Sanctuary (extra kudos to: Steven, Cherie, Stasha, and Merri…) and for ensuring that our babies get all of their needed daily vitamins!

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  1. Hi I am the lady n of Ionia where you just picked up the wounded goose and my lonely duck.I keep wondering if they are adjusting ok.I never did get to talk w you about the goose,s wing.fixable?? So cool what you do.hope you keep putting the birds on FB.

    • They are both adjusting very well! The first day the goose went and hung out without about 14 other geese, and the duck found himself a buddy right away!

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