Flynn’s second chance!

This morning our friends, Angie and her daughter Kaitlyn, who sometimes help us out on rescues in the downriver area, brought us a handsome Rouen drake that they were able to capture at a local ‘dumping ground’ in Taylor. It was at Heritage Park, a beautiful area that we had mentioned in previous posts, because […]

Swans like salad too!

I always like to thank Kroger now and then for providing fresh produce for our entire flock. Since the pond has just ‘sprung’ into spring, vegetation is sparse, so with the daily influx of donated greens, even our three beautiful swans get their much need doses of vitamins A and C. Maggie (actually a boy), […]

NOT an Easter gift!

Sadly, the vicious cycle continues, as it does, and will continue to do, until common sense and responsibility become mainstream once again. However, our ‘calls’ are just beginning for this new season, and the same old stories continue to be retold, year after year after year! It truly saddens me to continue to repost this […]

Happy 18th Birthday, Ducky!

Around this time, 18 years ago, a little ducky hatched into this world, and she was appropriately named, Ducky. To our blessing, just under a year ago, we were so happy to have Ducky become a loving member of our family, never really knowing just how long we might be able to enjoy her sweet […]

Maxie, Blue and JJ too!

Maxie (aka. Max), our Green wing Macaw, was finally able to start spending time downstairs with her brothers, all 11. She was rescued 12/2/15, and had plucked all of her belly and back feathers due to circumstances from her previous owners. She continues to grow back and pluck new feathers, but not as much. We […]