NOT an Easter gift!

Sadly, the vicious cycle continues, as it does, and will continue to do, until common sense and responsibility become mainstream once again. However, our ‘calls’ are just beginning for this new season, and the same old stories continue to be retold, year after year after year! It truly saddens me to continue to repost this similar story each year at this time, when in fact, this should be a very joyous time of year. Easter ducklings, bunnies, chicks, etc., are big money for the faint of heart, agricultural industry. A methodically deceiving industry, preying on the impulse driven emotions of a child, or their ever feckless ‘guardian’! This post is by no means intended to insult anyone, but is only a heartfelt display of experience, shared hopefully to the masses, in an attempt to bring awareness, to any and every one, about the responsibility of impulse purchases.
Notice the slick marketing techniques used in the signs below, especially in the first picture, where you can hardly see the ‘not a’ in the bold headlines. Trickery sells, and more trickery, sells more! Please share this with a friend, or twenty, and keep passing along. The only way to stop an industry this powerful, is NOT fall for their tactics. Only if people stop making these purchases, will they stop selling this ‘often disposal’ ‘products’.
Remember, the cuteness of a duckling only lasts a very short while, not even a few weeks, and then they become an even greater responsibility, easily outweighing that of a small dog.

Don’t buy, and ducks won’t die!

There are an abundance of adult ducks that need an awesome home!

IMG_7810 (600x800)

IMG_7809 (600x800)

IMG_7804 (800x600)

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  1. I am searching for two adult female ducks. My Drakes outnumber my hens and it is getting ugly. My Cayuga are not letting my Rouen eat or hang out with them. If you have two domestic hens that would love a safe home and lots of gentlemen attention and wouldn’t mind lots of love from humans please let me know.

    • I can only suggest separating them with a small fence temporarily. It would be very stressful to break up a flock. There are so many males out there that need homes because everyone has the same issue unfortunately. For their sake, please try to separate them and see what happens. It is usually only seasonal.
      Thank you.

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