Happy 18th Birthday, Ducky!

Around this time, 18 years ago, a little ducky hatched into this world, and she was appropriately named, Ducky. To our blessing, just under a year ago, we were so happy to have Ducky become a loving member of our family, never really knowing just how long we might be able to enjoy her sweet company, as the average life span of a larger breed domestic duck, is estimated (more likely “guesstimated’) to be between 9ish-12ish years of age, with exceptions on either end. Many factors and variables influence each and every duck’s longevity.
Ducky is celebrating with her much younger, (by about 17 1/2 years), best buddy, Darla. Ducky only goes out on nice days now, as long as supervision is present, primarily because she does not see too well. She does get run of much of the first floor during the day, and has a pretty nice semi-private sleeping arrangement at night, only sharing space with Darla. She is one of the feistiest and most independent ladies at the Sanctuary, having had a lot of years of practice! Today, she is enjoying a little pool party with her best buddy!

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