Maxie, Blue and JJ too!

Maxie (aka. Max), our Green wing Macaw, was finally able to start spending time downstairs with her brothers, all 11. She was rescued 12/2/15, and had plucked all of her belly and back feathers due to circumstances from her previous owners. She continues to grow back and pluck new feathers, but not as much. We hope now that she has companions again, she will be much more stimulated and pre-occupied, and thus take her mind off plucking. Her diet is now completely fortified with all of the nutrients necessary to help her become even more beautiful than she already is, if that’s even possible! She loves kissing, cuddling and being caressed! She also loves her protein pellets and fresh fruit daily. She took a liking to Blue, our Blue and Gold Macaw, from day one, possibly because she had a B & G Macaw as company for years before it was removed, leaving Maxie all by her self. She seems to absolutely love her new environment, and all of the attention that comes with it…and we love her too!
Notice near the end of the video how Maxie has Blue’s head ‘spinning in circles’! 🙂

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