Victoria and Valentino

These two sweet beauties came to our Sanctuary this past Saturday, 2/20/16, via Chicago. They belonged to Jimmy, who can no longer give him the attention that they need. His mother, sister, and a friend, made the trip last week and brought them ‘home’. Victoria is on the left with the white ‘freckles’, and Valentino is by her side. Apparently, their four hour trip made them quite thirsty! They spent most of their time in Chicago indoors, so we will keep them in while we give them a slow transition into our duck world, where they will soon be ‘ducks’, getting muddy, eating grubs and gremlins, swimming at their leisure, and soon, basking in the summer sunshine! They are both very sweet, and while Victoria is a little shy, Valentino is quite the feisty fellow. He loves to nibble on your pant leg, and be a little protective of his sweetheart!

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  1. Jimmy made a wise choice to have them join the Michigan Duck Sanctuary flock! Hope they have a quick transition to your glorious duck environment.

  2. I got excited, I thought it was a video of my”queen Victoria” from Belleville. I think of her all the time. I always try to support her in your posts. Thank you for the work you do!

    • Thank you for taking the time to educate me regarding ducks, duck safety, adoption, rescue etc. I appreciate the time you spent to make sure we understand the ducks. Keep up the good work.

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