Morning Rush Hour!

Last Sunday, 2/14/16, I had to go out in the freezing cold to break loose the garage door from the frozen concrete at 7:30am, to let the morning ‘rush hour’ begin! Usually, I can do this from my office window with a remote, but when it is very cold out (of course), I have to physically break the ice at the door bottom, because they bathe in pools that are close to the door and the water splashes against it, and freezes it to the ground. Fortunately, I awake with the sunrise, just in time to open the door for them to begin their day.

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  1. I loved this and it answers a question that I’ve been wondering about for some time…. How do you protect the ducks, etc. from preditures… However I’m still wondering why only one goose and no swans left the garage?

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