A Ducks Christmas Wish!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays to all who have followed and supported us throughout the year!

Please do not forget to support your favorite charity by years end, and hopefully, Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary, is atop your list! 🙂


Thank you!!

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‘Twas the eve before Christmas,
and all through the night,
Not a single duck quacking,
As stars twinkled bright

But off in the distance,
With the moon all aglow
Could be seen Santa’s reindeer
Through glistening snow

As closer it came,
To the pond down below,
Ducks began quacking,
And frolicking so

Soon from the sky,
Fell corn cobs to eat
The ducks got excited
As it lay by their feet

Jingle bells rang
From the sleigh oh so high
Then all at once
The ducks quacked – goodbye!

To Santa, who brought them
A Christmas delight
With bellies now full
To all, a goodnight!

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  1. Hi there. I most recently lost my male Pekin Duck and the female is alone. Was wondering if you had any to adopt? Hope to hear from you soon. Rebecca

  2. My duck fell off its coup ramp and injured his leg. I thought he had a femur fracture, but Mathew believed it to be dislocated at the hip. He gave me instructions on how to care for the duck and 3 weeks latter I was releasing the duck back with the other ducks and chickens. The ducks gate is back to normal again. Thank you Mathew for your help, Jon Barber DO

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