My sweet Mabelene has been with us for about five years now.  She is her own little girl, and doesn’t take ANY business from any of the boys.  Mabelene is the only resident who EXPECTS to be hand fed!  She is a very spoiled little angel who often follows me around during general feeding until […]

Brutus & Co.

This handsome guy is Brutus, he has been coming to the Sanctuary for at least five years running.  He usually comes alone in early spring to sort of ‘check things out’, and then a short time after, his mate usually shows up.  For the last three years now, she has felt very comfortable around here, as she […]


Ray-Ray was our present who ended up on our ‘doorstep’ four days before this past Christmas, 2013.  His story is quite unique, but not unusual.  We have a great relationship with the MHS – Rochester, which is how Ray-Rays owner found us. I received a call from a gentleman who had a duck that he could no longer […]

Marc Antony

This little white call duck is Marc Antony.  He used to have a beautiful mate by the name of, you guessed it, Cleopatra. A few short years ago, she took a trip to Heaven.  After a long period of mourning, he again found love with a little tan colored call duck by the name of Brown Eyes.  […]