IMG_0906Ray-Ray was our present who ended up on our ‘doorstep’ four days before this past Christmas, 2013.  His story is quite unique, but not unusual.  We have a great relationship with the MHS – Rochester, which is how Ray-Rays owner found us. I received a call from a gentleman who had a duck that he could no longer care for in his home do to a current move.  He had several teenage children who were very fond of their family pet, however, being unable to care for the duck in his home, he had set up a sort of tent in his vehicle, where ‘Rachel’ (I’ll get to that in a minute) was kept for several weeks.  To the owners credit, he said that he would go out to the vehicle every few hours to run the heater in an attempt to keep ‘Rachel’ comfortable. Finally, for the well being of the family pet, he dropped ‘her’ off.  Upon my first sight of ‘Rachel’, even though ‘her’ tail end was completely molted, our hen (female) was actually a drake (male).  Upon this new revelation, Rachel immediately became Ray-Ray at the owners request, and the name fits him just well!…

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