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  1. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for taking in our little “Miracle Duckling!” You and your wife are fantastic people to show such kindness and love to so many ducks! Quick healing from your surgery and please keep in touch!

    Dan Healy

    • Hi Dan, hope you all are well! Sorry for the delayed response, as it has been one busy (and fun) summer! All went VERY well with the new hip and I guess that I’m making up for lost time! The ‘miracle’ duckling that you saved, grew into a beautiful Mallard girl and was released into our pond. Unfortunately, we can no longer identify her as our sweet little girl, because among the MANY mallards that come and go…they sort of “all look alike”. :-))) Thanks again for being a part of our rescue and please follow us (and LIKE us too) now on Facebook (and please spread the word), as well as our website. It’s people like you that do make a difference, and that little girl (or should I say big girl now) is the LIVING proof! She IS one special girl because you gave of YOUR time. Thanks again!

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    • Hi Teresa, I sent you a response from my personal email by mistake yesterday, so I am resending it today through this medium.

      I received your comment about our location, however, unfortunately we are
      not open to the public for drop-in visits. Appointments may be made for
      duck related concerns. May I ask why you wanted the physical location?
      Thanks for your interest.

  3. I see on your needs list that you would like outdoor chair cushions as they clean easily. Do you mean fabric or vinyl? I have 3 old cloth ones here at work in Troy.

    Also, my mother died in March and sometime in the future we will be sorting through things. There are towels in her linen closet, we may not need. What size are you looking for? Do you use washcloths, face/hand towels, or bath towels and bath mats? I can set them aside.

    Sincerely, Anne

    • So sorry to hear of your mothers passing.
      Thanks for taking the time to view our list and respond. We will
      definitely use any type of cushion as these give great comfort to our
      ailing babies, and we will gladly accept and use ALL towel sizes,
      especially the larger ones. Also, we use bed sheets, etc., for burial of
      our deceased Angels.
      Thanks again for your interest and concern for our flock’s
      needs! Matt

  4. We have a beautiful mallard hen who has taken up residence on our silver oak tree in our back yard. She has nested there. I know she has several eggs. for the first few days she would come and go (when she was gone, i got up on a ladder (kept my distance) and verified there were eggs, 4 at the time. for the past 3-4 days she has been sitting on the eggs non-stop.

    First: I have never ever seen a mallard in a tree, but here we are. She and her nest are appx 16 feet off the ground. Which is my first concern… how would they possibly get down?

    Second: even if they survived the fall, i know that ducks try to lead their babies to water quite quickly… I am not very close to any ponds, or lakes at all.

    I think Mallards are a protected species, and i’d really love to ensure their safety, but I’m not sure how to go about it

    Please let me know!

  5. Meet you at the dog park yesterday.Would like to come by this weekend and see your sanctuary.Would that be ok.

    • Hi Barry, sorry for the late response. That may work, just call me Saturday morning and I will know better what my schedule will be. Thanks, and it was pleasant speaking with you the other day. Matt

  6. Hi Matt,just wanted to say GOD bless you and the important work your doing.This world needs more people like you helping these beautiful animals and all the others that are getting left behind.Keep up the great work and really making a difference.

  7. Matt,
    Just wanted you to know the goose returned to our pond.he was the one you took to rehabilitate(wounded wing).he hung around the pond for a few days.we fed him a couple of was almost like he came back to tell me he made it.then he,d come and go.then I think he went to get on with his could see where the wing had been damaged.I was thrilled!!!!!thank you so much the best end to a story everAhna Schmid N of Ionia,l on hwy 66

  8. Hi Matt, I am so glad that I found your site. The work you do is amazing! I have a question and I hope you may have some advice. We have a flock of 12 Indian Runner ducks. They are our pets and will live out their natural duckie lives here. 2 are 1.5 yr old males, 8 are 1.5- 3yr old females and 2 are just a couple of months old. We know one of the babies is a girl by her quack but suspect the second one to be a male. The babies were “oops” babies. Hatched under one of our ducks that was recovering from a surgery along with another duck that she had in with her as a buddy during rehabilitation. They are all out together now (for about a month and a half) and our boys are picking on one of the mothers pretty bad. The back of her neck and top of her head is really red. They have an acre pond and around 5 acres to roam during the day. They are locked up at night in a run with a shed. The run is 16 ft by 8 ft and the shed is 7×8. The door is always left open on the shed into the enclosed run. The boys seem to be picking on her at night, not during the day. She keeps herself pretty separated with her babies. Perhaps we need to add on to their enclosure for night time? Is there anything that we can do to get the boys to leave her alone? We are going to lock the boys up separately tonight in a different enclosure. However separating them can’t be a long term thing as the ducks are all pretty nervous around humans and trying to round them up separately will cause a stress to them all. If you have any suggestions at all I would very much appreciate it. I can’t stand the thought of re homing the boys. I love them but I have to think about the safety of the rest of them. But, finding a good safe home for boys would be pretty near impossible. I don’t know what to do. Also, do you know if there is anything that can be done to curb male duck hormones? Drake neutering? Thank you, sorry this got so long. I’m at a loss.

    • Hi Amy, glad you found us too! We
      will try to help you any way we can. Please call me tomorrow @ 248-446-2021, if it goes to VM, I will return your call asap. Thanks, Matt

  9. Hi Matt , my name is Jack and I talked to you about 2 ducks up in the Mt. Pleasant area that once were pets and now on there own, one being a Pekin and the other a Rouen. I believe we talked sometime in early September. Myself and my wife tried to catch them to no avail, the ducks live in the chippewa river at lake Isabella in Weismann Mi 48893. The lake is going to be drained down 6 feet or so and the river is no more then a couple of mud puddles according to one gentleman that lives there year round. I was told by the association there in lake Isabella to call the DNR about rescuing the ducks and they told me that since they are now considered wild an animals that I am not allowed to catch them or I would be fined. The ducks used to come right up to us and now they won’t. Something must have spooked them. I don’t know if there is anything you can do or not, I just know it’s not going to be good for the ducks not having a save place to go or shelter.

    Thank You

    • Hi Jack, can you please call me asap @ 248-446-2021. Thanks, Matt
      We are going to try to make a trip out there this weekend.

  10. Thanks Matt! Your suggestion of separating the males at night for a month worked! They are all getting along nicely now 🙂

  11. Thanks again Matt and Teresa for coming out and successfuling rescuing not only the 2 original ducks Chip and Izzy but the third wounded goose we’ll call him Lucky, as to have people that do what you do for all of them. Thanks again you guys. God Bless

    • HI Shari, did we ever talk about the ducks? Just going through some mail and want to be sure that I didn’t miss anything. Thanks, Matt 248-446-2021

  12. Hi…..I was just wondering if you could give my husband and I some information. We live in Lake Orion on a small lake and we have a mallard duck who somehow broke his wing during the summer. During the summer he liked to stay on our dock but now we see him about every 2 weeks or so. I know he can’t fly and I don’t believe we can catch him but is there anything we can do for him? Can we build a house for him? We went to the co-op and they didn’t have cracked corn but we got a bag of flock feed but he didn’t want it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Hi there. My husband and I noticed a male duck was floating in a tiny patch of pond water that wasn’t frozen yet and he didn’t move from there for three days until it finally froze over. Today I saw him hobbling across the street; he has a busted wing and a broken foot so he cannot go south for the winter. A very bad blizzard started today and he just kept sitting in the snow and he was visibly freezing. We caught him and he is in our bathtub full of water so he can take his weight off of his injured foot. A local vet said that he would most likely be euthanized since he is unable to fly but I don’t want that if I can help it. As soon as he got in the tub he started drinking a lot of water. Clearly when the pond froze over he wasn’t able to get any water. Can we bring him to the sanctuary? I really do not want him to be euthanized if he can be saved.

  14. Hello. My name is Kara and I was hoping you could give me some advice. We had 2 Pekin ducks, one male and one female since they were a day old april 2015. This is our first time having ducks as pets. My poor baby Henrietta died last night. I am so heartbroken. She was egg bound and I didn’t realize it until it was too late for her. We took her to the vet but she couldn’t pass it and she died during the night. I am concerned about Phil our male. Can he live on his own or would he be happier with others? Do you accept ducks at your rescue? I don’t think my husband wants to get another duck. I don’t know what to do. I want him to be happy. He looks so lost without her. Please any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Kara, I never heard back from you after our phone conversation. How is Phil? Did you ever get another duck buddy for him, or are you looking to find him a home? Thanks, Matt

  15. I was given five ducks. I was told they were all hens. Turns out three are Drakes and it is causing a great deal of bullying. I either need a few more sexually mature hens and advice on how to introduce them to the flock, or I need a new home for two beautiful Cayuga drakes.
    I appreciate any advice. (Like I said I was told they were all hens. I understand the 3:1 ratio)
    Cindy Craft

  16. Hi Matt.

    First, let me say, God bless you for taking in these beautiful babies. Secondly, I was reading your needs and wish lists, and I have many items I can donate, including an outdoor umbrella.

    I have a question for you, please. My daughter has several domestic ducks, and chickens in a coop and large run. She rescued/adopted a drake, a few years ago. Over the past couple of years he has become aggressive with the chickens, pulling out their feathers, etc. My daughter loves him, and doesn’t want anything to happen to him, falling into the wrong hands via rehoming, but she is at the point where she needs to find him a new home. Would you be open to letting him join your flock? Thank you so much. Karol

    • Hi Karol, so sorry for the longh delay, seems I overlooked some of many messages. Please call me tomorrow at 248-446-2021. Thanks, Matt

    • Hi Karol, if there any way I can still be of assistance, please feel free to call me at your convenience. Thanks, Matt 248-446-2021

  17. I saw your facebook page had made a comment on the ButterCup Duck Page back in 2015 about possibly getting prosthetic legs for some of your ducks. Did you ever find a place?

    I ask because I rescued a muscovy duck and she has a deformed once broken leg. She can barely walk and im looking at possible surgery or an amputation. Would love to know if you ever did locate a prosthesis maker and how were your results?


    • HI Ana, thanks for your interest. The organization that had Buttercup never responded to any of our emails. However, I did find a place near me in Ann Arbor that was willing to make one for our Daisy, but before we could get her measured up, her stump became soft and we weren’t able to fit her at that time. If you’d like the info, I’d be happy to forward it to you.

  18. Hi! There is an abandoned Pekin on White Lake. I have been trying to catch her for almost two months to no avail. Are you able to help me? I’ll gladly take her in with my other two Pekins. Please let me know.
    Thank you.

  19. Hi matthew, there are a couple of banded and abandoned rouen ducks on my campus who are slowly starving and freezing despite my best efforts to care for them. I’d love to save them as I’ve had ducks before and even rouens in particular and love them. I have successfully scooped them up as they are very tame and cannot really fly and was going to take them in after taking them to a vet but my campus police stopped me, mistaking them for wild mallard ducks. ugh. I live on Eastern Michigan University’s campus during the school year but the ducks would have a nice comfortable home at my moms house who has everything they need. I am certain that if I had you there alongside me to rescue them my police would not care as they have told me if I can have them removed by a wildlife expert and prove they’re domesticated i can adopt them from that rescue. please help.

  20. Hi matthew, there are a couple of banded and abandoned rouen ducks on my campus who are slowly starving and freezing despite my best efforts to care for them. I’d love to save them as I’ve had ducks before and even rouens in particular and love them. I have successfully scooped them up as they are very tame and cannot really fly and was going to take them in after taking them to a vet but my campus police stopped me, mistaking them for wild mallard ducks. ugh. I live on Eastern Michigan University’s campus during the school year but the ducks would have a nice comfortable home at my moms house who has everything they need. I am certain that if I had you there alongside me to rescue them my police would not care as they have told me if I can have them removed by a wildlife expert and prove they’re domesticated i can adopt them from that rescue. please help. I’d love to take in and care for these babies but I don’t want to get in any trouble. I will keep feeding them until I hear back from you and pray they don’t freeze out in this weather

  21. We came home to find 4 mallard ducklings in our pool. Appear to be 1-3 days old. What should we do?

  22. Hi Matthew,

    I have three Pekin Ducks I can no longer take care of, and I need to find a home for them. I was wondering if you could take them in or recommend me to someone who could. Thanks.


  23. hello! We have 4 baby ducklings in a small hole with water in it by our office building. There have been many tractors and machinery in the field for development. We have not seen the mother duck in 2 days, and we are trying to find someone to come rescue them. Is this something that you can help with? We don’t want them to die if the mother duck does not come back.

  24. Hello, I am looking to add a few ducks to my flock and thought rescuing would be the most fitting way for me to go! Do you have a direction you can point me in for finding some? I absolutely adore anconas and cayugas and would love to add some. Currently I have a rouen hen and drake and welsh harlequin hen!

  25. I left you a voice mail about a injured duck that is located outside the front of the Office Max at 8 Mile and Haggerty. It appears that employees or someone tried to coral it with some carts to keep it from getting in the parking/rode. I’m not sure if it has had any water or really any food. One of its feet he keeps holding up not wanintg to bare weight on it. I’m not sure if this is something you would deal with or not, but I did a quick online search this sanctuary came up with positive reviews. When I had left he was laying parically in the parking lot right off of the side walk to the stores. I would hate to see someone hit him or anything.

  26. I’m not sure if I actually posted, if I backed out before posting or if it’s possibly pending admin. I left a voice mail pertaining to an injured duck at 8 Mile and Haggerty out side of the Office Max. I was shopping earlier in that plaza and noticed. It appears employees tried to keep put carts around it to try and keep it from wondering into the parking lot/street. From what I can tell it’s one front foot is the issue because it’s holding it the air and not baring any weight on it. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to the duck or for it to get hit. Not sure if it has water or food either. I found you by doing a quick online search and reading some positive reviews. Not even sure if this is something you may be able to help with. Thanks.

  27. Good afternoon!

    I just left a voicemail for you but thought I should e-mail, as well.

    I’m a teacher in Northville. We have a courtyard at our school and a mallard duck returns every year. Unfortunately, our courtyard was recently re-landscaped and it no longer is a very safe place for the duck and her ducklings.

    We called a few weeks ago and you suggested calling again when the ducklings have hatched, which they did over the weekend and yesterday. It looks like she has about 10 ducklings and we are really hoping you can help us out.

    In the meantime, what can we do to help the mom and her babies out?

    Thanks so much!

  28. I just sent an e-mail with pic and now see this comment section so am posting here too.
    This duck has chosen to lay eggs under my tree and was spotted 9 days ago. I’m happy and protective of her. Took pic from within my house. She has quite a few eggs so far as you can see from this pic. Is there something I can throw down near her spot or put in a ceramic bowl (whatever is better, tell me) when she is away for her to eat when she gets back ? I won’t interfere with her, just want to know if I can give her something to eat to make her egg laying process easier. I want to help her out if I can but only if it would be beneficial to her.
    Thank you.

  29. Hi I need some help with duck family rescue . A family was born in the court yard of our school building and need a safer place to help them survive. I look forward to hearing from you in helping guiding us on what to do.

  30. Hi, I know that this is for ducks, but what do I do with a wounded Goose? I think he/ she was hit by a car and the wing looks broken and his neck seems to be kinked in an unnatural way. Very sad to see him suffering, but if someone helped I feel he could recover. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  31. We had a duck nesting in a tree next to our house. Last night the ducklings hatch and we’re trying to make their way across the street when a cat interfered. I chased the cat away and thought that the ducklings all made it. Today while doing yard work one came out of the bushes to the tree where they were hatched. I made the mistake of taking it to the pond near where the mom was. And now it seems to have imprinted on me. Is there any way you can help?

  32. I am contacting you about West Village Estates in Romulus Michigan there are so many domestic ducks in need of help missing feet broken wings most of them can’t walk babies are trapped in the sewers and there is a giant did great on the pond where the babies go today they are in desperate need of help!!! I am making this post anonymously please look into it the condition of these ducks is horrific!!

  33. Good morning. I have 2 adolescent ducks that were left at house that are in need of rescue. Not sure of the species but one is yellow and one is brown. They still have the fir and are chirping. I am feeding and caring for them but do need assistance as I cannot keep them. Please advise how I may get in contact with you. I live in Canton, MI.

  34. Hello, we have a canvasback duck that has been in our sub division pond for over 3 weeks. It still eats and swims well, but has not flown. We have tried to scare it but it just swims away. It will rear up and flap it’s wings but does not attempt to fly. Should we be concerned?

  35. We have a 1 year old female duck that we are looking to re home. We love her, we just have not as much time for her and we hate that she is locked up in her pen all the time. My kids use to take her out and play with her a lot but now that they are older and always gone she doesn’t get as much attention and that isn’t fair to her. I need to find her a good place to live and thrive like she should.

  36. We have a wild Mallard that got bit by a snapping turtle in our man-made lake. The duck can fly but not walk. Other ducks have attacked it while he was lying around and he was unable to escape them biting him. I want to rescue him. Can I bring him to you for rehabilitation?

  37. There is a female mallard duck toward the tip of island park in grand ledge that’s head us moving but body isn’t moving and laying in the grass. I can tell what’s wrong, but i wanted to try to reach out to someone.

  38. Hi, we have been caring for 3 pekin male ducks and two other femail ducks. Due to work schedules we no longer have the time needed to care for them. They are all about 5 or 6 months old and sweet as can be 🙁

  39. Hi, My yard backs up to what I think is called a city water drainage run off area. A very large ditch area that has several Mallard and I think Mottled ducks that live there. I think one of the Mallards is injured, it was limping and favoring its right leg. Is there anything I can do to help it? I truly enjoy my feathered friends, so if there’s something I could do please let me know.

  40. Hi Matthew,

    We have 4 Pekin (1female 3 Male) and 4 Blue Swedish (3 female and 1 male). We originally had the 4 Pekin since they were 5 weeks old and at the time didn’t know the sex until after they grew up. Of course during our last couple of years my Female Pekin was getting a beating when it came to mating. So it was suggested to purchase more females which we did (the blue Swedish) but none of the ducks bonded well together. To make matters even more complicated we have been having problems with Raccoons and I am afraid that we won’t be able to keep them safe, even though they have a big shed to sleep in. Would you be willing to adopt them to your sanctuary?

  41. Hello, I am currently taking care of two Pekins around 6 weeks old, they were a friend of mines and she asked me to take them and find them a home, I am currently working full time and I do not have enough outdoor space for them and I have to have them out by today orders of the other people in my household so please get in contact with me as soon as possible. Thank you
    313-443-2361 (Adreonna)

  42. Hi, my name is Kara Buyze, I am a volunteer at Soulshine Wildlife Center, Sparta, MI., and have recently been informed that there are approximately 10 domestic ducks at a small public pond over here (west MI.) that will lose their water source come winter time. I was wondering if your rescue has space/time to accommodate these birds? If so please contact me via email for details and logistics.

    Thank you for all that you do!

    • Hi Kara, I’m sorry for the delayed response, can you please text me pics to 248-446-2021, and then call me afterward. Thanks, Matt

  43. Hi we have what I believe is an African goose that appeared this spring/summer and took up with a family of Canadian geese. The geese have since left and it’s by itself. I am on the lake board and have gotten several concerns regarding what will happen to it this winter since our lake usually completely freezes over. We would really like to find a home for this fellow. I would be willing to assist in capturing but have no clue how to! We are located in ortonville on Bald Eagle lake. Please give me a call at 131-539-0009 or email me!

    • Hi Carol, have we spoken about the goose yet, I think I had spoken to someone before, not sure who. Can you please send me a phone number, I can’t make out the one you sent. Thanks, Matt 248-446-2021

  44. Hi Matthew

    The Michigan Birdwatcher group in FB referred me to you. I work at Oakland Schools in Waterford. There is a Canada goose who has been alone near our building since late July. He does not appear to be able to fly. My work backs up to a small pond and he is fine now, but I worry about winter. I am also concerned my employer will not be ok if Intey to feed or shelter him in the cold
    months. Is there anything you can do to help him?

  45. Hello , my name is Anthony and i have a Canadian Goose that has an apparent broken left leg. It’s been outside of my employers address for nearly a month now and has a small flock seemingly staying with it. Ive ventured close to it to get a better look and its wings seem to be ok but i assume its afraid to fly unless it has too. Landing must hurt. I was looking to see is someone was willing to remove it and possibly rehabilitate it and care for it until it can fend for itself. Located in Plymouth , MI 48170

  46. My neighbor who is fighting Leukemia, is unable to take care of 3 ducks properly, a bonded family, Mom, Dad and Son . Could someone call me about taking them. I would be more than will to donate to your wonderful cause for their care.

  47. Hello, This past summer our family raised to beautiful Pekins, Preston and Bubba-duck. Our sweet, but sassy, Bubba-duck was killed last Wednesday. While we are so sad, Preston is more sad and very lonely. He spends much of his days now looking at his reflection and quacking for his Bubba. We cannot get another duck and are looking for a flock for him. Can you give us any information on how to go about finding a home for him. We are in Indianapolis.

  48. Looking for advice. We got six ducks over the summer and really enjoy them. Unfortunately we did not sex them at the time and ended up with 4 boys and 2 girls. They have preditor and weather proof living areas and are really well taken care of, but now that they are mature we are having a really hard time keeping the girls safe from the boys. Any thoughts on the best way to manage this… ie try to find someone willing to swap 2 of the boys for 2 girls or creating seperate living areas for the boys? Any advice would be appreciated as we really do give them a good life and want to be good duck parents

    • Hi Matt, could you please call me tomorrow at 248-446-2021 and we can definitely talk about your situation. Separating is a good choice and I can advise on some options. Thanks for contacting us for advice and not rushing to rehome them. It can be very stressful for all involved, when just a little time and understanding is all you probably need. Thanks, Matt

  49. We have two ducks and unfortunately found out the dander is causing both my son and I to be sick and should not have animals what do you suggest we do? They’re probably three/four weeks old and I don’t want them to go anywhere that would harm them and both my son and I would love to continue to visit them and/or help pay for their care, but unfortunately we cannot do it at our home.

  50. Hello. My sister in law has a Male Mascovey, he is about 3 or 4 yrs old. She also has a rooster and 4 hens. The rooster and the duck were involved in a really bad fight and need to be separated. She has been trying to re-home them but she wants them to go somewhere that they wont be killed for food. Thank you for any help you can offer

  51. Live in a small town and a neighbor decided she didn’t want the ducks she bought anymore. There are 7 ducks total: 2 drake mallards, 2 hen mallards, one white one that walks upright, 2 white ones that walks like the mallard. They have staked out another neighbors property, who’s mother has died and the house is vacant. We get three eggs day.
    They use a small storm drain runoff from the street for water in the back of the yard.
    Is there any way you could help me find someone to take these guys as a group?
    I live in Fulton, MI: South East corner of Kalamazoo County.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • The ‘mallards’ are probably Rouens. Can you please text me a video of all of them asap to 248-446-2021. Pictures as well please. Matt

  52. Hello, I am reaching out to see if you can help me rehome 6 ducks. We have 2 brown ones and 4 white/yellow ones. They are very sweet. Fallow my kids around the yard and fun to play with. They are only about a month and half. Got when they were very tiny. My daughter has become very allergic to them. We will be sad to rehome them but have no other choice.

  53. Hello I have 3 ducks that were stranded by their mom found on high way have had them for 3 weeks I have a Pekin, mallard and Campbell very sweet still babies and we just don’t have the yard for them or facilities !

  54. Good morning. My Name is Brandon Leja

    I recently had a duck sitting on a litter of eggs. (12-15 it looked like) and within the last 72 hrs or so the mostly hatched and the ducks left, however we noticed this morning that one was left behind. We thought we’d wait till this evening to see if they’d come back but no such luck. Afraid of the weather and possible predators, we brought it on and have it in a cardboard box with water and oats sitting on a warm pad and a desk lamp.

    We (my girlfriend Carrie Wyatt and I) wanted to know if you guys are able to come rescue this little duckling and find a family for it.

    I am located around the Canton Westland boarder by the Imagine theatre.
    499 N Hix Rd Westland, Mi 48185
    Cell 734-679-1676

    Please call, text or email as soon as you can. I’m home all weekend and could really use your help. Thank you and God bless

  55. We have a male and female duck that visits our yard daily. Today I noticed that the female duck her back leg is possible broken or damaged and it wasn’t like that yesterday. She is dragging it and wobbles around. Anything we can do to help her?

  56. I have a blind Magpie duck in need of a new situation…
    We bought a large breeding flock and received Dotty as a part of it- she has no vision. The boys are really rough on her and we have tried keeping her separate but she just isn’t thriving in this situation. Wondering if you can help her find a better home suited to her special needs.

  57. Hi! I recently wanted to raise a few baby ducks and thought it would be a cool experience. I have a white pekin and a mallard, both about a month old. Since they are getting bigger, I don’t have a proper home for them and I wanted to find a better place for them to live. Wondering if you could help? Thank you 🙂

  58. I was referred to your organization by the Barn Sanctuary in Chelsea. I have a 1 year old female Khaki Campbell that I need to rehome. One of our chickens has been pecking at her eye and we have to keep her separated. After losing her mate in the winter and now one of the chickens going after her, we have found it to be in her best interest to find her a new home. Please let me know of any leads you may have.

  59. There is an injured duck in our neighborhood – can only scoot himself across the road and can’t stand up. Can you help? Walled Lake area near Novi.

  60. I am looking for someone to help me with two baby newborn dogs man left the nest and left two newborns behind there are still alive

  61. Hello,

    We have a duck that has made a home in our flower bed. She has about 11 eggs there. We don’t want to harm it or the eggs, but need them out of our flower bed. Can you please help? We don’t know who to call.

  62. Hey there, I was working a landscaping job and came across a baby duckling. I left him alone for the majority of the job (8 hours) and no sign of mom or the rest of the gang. After seeing a fox in the area I picked it up. It’s healthy and have managed to give it a little food (meal worms and leafy greens). Looking for somewhere that he can grow up to be his best duck self.

  63. Hello,

    I saw you on the news and noticed your birds like watermelon. Are you accepting watermelon donations?

    • Absolutely!!! 🙂 Sorry for the slow response, it has been very busy . Thanks, Matt Please call me at 248-446-2021 for a quicker response.

  64. Hello! We’ve had a mama duck sitting on a nest in our front Bush for a few weeks. This morning we found her dead- looks like predator-and one egg left. Would love to try to help it if possible. Any recommendations? I’m sure if we leave it tonight a predator will get it. I left you a vm a few minutes ago but wanted to make sure I got in touch. Thank you!

  65. Hi there, my name is Mimi Taylor, I just left you a voicemail regarding two baby ducks. My sons friend got 1 and gave 1 to my son. There both young I believe from the same litter. We have been feeding and taking care of the one we have. And so has his friends. They both realized that it want be fair to keep these animals as they really dont know how to care for them properly. As of now they both appear to be healthy active ducklings and I’m hoping you have room to take them. If possible could you contact me . Thank you

  66. I have some ducks in a couple chickens that I just need somewhere safe for them to be you can contact me at marjean Gascon at just want somewhere for them safe

  67. Good morning,
    I have a duck in the backyard with a broken wing. She let’s me feed her but is in need of a safe place.

  68. Hi, I need someone to contact me ASAP, we have a momma mallard duck with 8 eggs that are getting ready to hatch in or back yard. It’s privacy fenced in and we’re aways from water for her to get to. Also there is a stray cat that has discovered her and I’m worried about her and the babies safety ! I need anyone to respond to me on what we should do !!
    Thank you !!

  69. I found a baby wood duck and she is most likely a couple days old. Took her in and made a comfy, warm spot for her. She is just the sweetest lil thing but I can’t keep her and I really want a good home for her. I will call tomorrow!

  70. My mom found two baby ducks while at work. She searched all over looking for mom duck today and can’t seem to find her..we have never taken Care of ducks before, not sure what to do with them, don’t want to release back into the wild if they can’t live on there own…

  71. hello , I have 2 pekin ducks that were born first of april. one is doing great but the other seems to have a foot problem. her leg is off to the side more like a kickstand and when she walks the foot don’t flex out so she ends up walking on the ankle. I have built her a pool and that is where she seems happiest. my concern is as she gets bigger its more weight on it and seems to be geting harder for her to get around and her partner is a very active boy who likes to roam a lot and she just cant keep up. I have taken her to the vet and x-rays show no broken bones or tendon issues. the only thing they seen was a very tight muscle in her leg. I just feel bad for her and think maybe she needs to go to a rescue and get the attention she needs.

  72. I have those two khaki’s in my garage. Please contact me about what can be done. They are eating, drinking and appear healthy.

  73. I have a mallard female duck I need her to be picked up she showed up at our pond she’s not really eatting can you rescue her?

  74. I have a duck that was hit by a car yesterday. She has head trauma but no viable wounds. I think she is paralyzed. She moves her head around but can make sounds. What do I do?

  75. PLEASE HELP our Lake Michigan ducks. I have taken the census for quite some time.

    The numbers are declining.

    Canada Goose is overpopulated, and dominate the land, H20, and food source.

    I need someone to come out w/ me and just take a look. Let me show you what is going on. Let me tell me you my suggestions to correct it.

  76. Hi Matthew,
    My husband and I have two young ducks and 4 hens. They were all raised together. We discovered within the last month that one of our ducks is a drake. He is a pekin. He has become very aggressive toward all of my hens and toward the Cayuga female duck in our run. We often have to separate him from the other birds for their safety. We believed we had two females but he reached maturity & grew his drake feather and became very aggressive. I just want him to live in a place where he doesn’t need to be separated from the other birds, and it’s not fair to my hens that they share a run with him.

    We are looking to bring him to the rescue. Would you suggest us keeping the ducks together or separating them? Our female duck often hides with the other hens when he goes on his rampages and they get along just fine.

  77. Hi I have baby duck it has problem in right leg its look like flip and it can’t walk normally it’s just jumping . I’m wondered if you can help this baby duck.

  78. Hello,

    We have 8 Indian Runners (1 drake, 7 ducks) and we are having a difficult time re-homing them. We have had them ten years and our space for them in the city has decreased prompting us to find them a better situation. Do you have space for them at the rescue or do you know of anyone who would want them? 3-4 of the ducks are still good layers while the others are older and have reduced significantly. The drake is about 5/6 years old. Thank you for any connections you may have.

  79. Hello. I need help with a goose and I can’t seem to find any place that takes geese. She has a broken wing and has been at Keans gas dock for weeks now. Please help. My number is +15868224149.

  80. Hello i have 2 ducks i took from a friend, i live in a city where we cannot have them i need to rehome them ive tried very hard for 3 months to take care of them, they deserve better. I have a make shift pen and a horse troth they swim in, i need to rehome them, as i failed a friend, they have to stay together because there brother ans siater please help

  81. Hello, I gabe 2 Male pekina I was given lay urate add ducklings. I was told they were Male and female, bit it turns out they are both Males named Max and Ruben.

    They have becime aggressive with my chickens and have been attacking the hens. I need to rehome them but no one in ant I’d threw groups I’ve posted them in wants them except for food.

    Mmt husband wants to put turn on the lake we live on, but I know that’s not the right thing to do.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you for you’re time

  82. Hi, there is a wounded looks like a leg issue) on a pond near my house, is this something you would take in?

    Thanks – jerry in milford

  83. I am in in need of a home for 6 ducks (5 females, 1 male). They have lived on a farm and well taken care of. Can you help me find a place for them?

    P.S. I can donate whatever is needed to shelter and feed them.

  84. I am being forced to get rid of my 2 drakes. They are beautiful golden 300 hybrids. I will do anything to have them life happily at a sanctuary. They are 3 years old and bonded brothers. I’m in Illinois and will drive. If you can give me any information at all, please.

  85. Hello, I’m not sure if you are the correct organization to reach out to and if you are not please let me know who to contact. We have a swan family of four residing at our lake which is Mystic Lake in the Stonewater Subdivision in Northville Township. I have heard that the two babies were injured this summer and it is now apparent that they can not fly. The parents are making efforts to get them to flight and it is heartbreaking to watch. With the colder weather, I am sure they are trying to migrate. Are you able to assist?

    • I am very aware of them. Just two weeks ago I removed fishing line from one of the babies. We are planning to get them when the parents leave and before winter. Please keep me updated via 248-446-2021. Thanks, Matt

  86. I just had this thought the other day….what if you made bumper stickers that said:

    QUACK LIVES MATTER and sold them as a fund-raiser?

  87. Hi there,
    I know this is a long shot, but I have to at least try! My white Muscovy disappeared this past September, and even though I know he was more than likely taken by a predator, I’m still holding out hope he could have flown away. We were just starting to get migrating ducks stopping in at our large pond, so there’s a chance he could have been tempted, but that means he left his three pekin females behind to go which seems odd.
    Anyways, just wanted to put the word out there somewhere that if anyone happens to find one I’d love to know!!! We are located in northern Michigan, just south of the mackinaw bridge.
    Thank you!!

    • It would be more likely that one of the Pekins would have been taken before the Muscovy. We have not heard of any being lost that far up. I will keep an eye out for him though. Are the Pekins penned up at night? If not, they will eventually be taken by a predator…without question, it’s just a matter of time. Even though the Muscovy can fly, it cannot migrate, they can only go a short distance at a time due to it’s body mass. Best wishes in the meantime. Matt 248-446-2021

  88. Hello! I have been raising ducks myself for over 20 years – mostly rescues from people who bought babies and didn’t want adults . I currently have none and am looking for a new trio. I have a quarter acre with over 100 species of wildflowers for them to forage in ; a pond and waterfall with minnows to catch as snacks; a duck house that is sided, shingled, has full spectrum lighting, triple pane window with bars to prevent predators from getting in; large vent with a fan for fresh air; fan to circulate air inside; fed romaine 2x a day and Mazuri good mixed with corn and oatmeal and crushed oyster shell…both being available all day and night.

    So my ducks were more like grandchildren. I got and have kusses, loved having them fall asleep on me, took them fishing in the local creek for minnows and crayfish, and they were celebs at the local pet shop.

    Despite locking them up right every night we lost them to a coyote pair in broad daylight…jumped right over the five foot fence. One was later killed in the street, and I haven’t seen the other around in months.

    Do you adopt out at all? I have raised about ten different breeds and I prefer to adopt/ rescue, but I need calm birds. I’m looking for cayuga, Welsh harlequin, ancona. I don’t think I can do another Pekin. Mine had a bad leg, wing and blind I one eye, needing extensive and kisses and fishes, but the coyotes really didn’t leave much and I don’t think I can stand having another, too many bad memories.

    Thanks for your time. I was thinking to adopt in the spring.

    Thanks for all you do. It was wonderful reading the notes on your site.

    Sincerely, Alan Winslow

  89. Hi Alan…I live in Southport Apartments in Van Buren Charter Twp. Today I noticed a young male Mallard duck…who appears to have a broken wing. He is all alone…since most of the other ducks…have migrated for the winter. I am concerned that he may starve to death…and die…unable to fly…without being rescued?

  90. I have 2 ducks a white one and brown one. The white one has been attacked by a raccoon n needs medical attention I can’t afford a vet right now so I really need help with these guys. I need to be sure they are being carted fir n I found u online. Thank you

  91. Want to send a donation, do you have an electronic means of taking donations? Or preferred mailed to the PO Box on website? Donation in honor of Charlie, on behalf of my sisters MaryLu Dowding Harris, We are hoping Charlie is still well.

    • Charlie is doing very well!! Thank you for thinking of him, and thank you in advance for your donation. Checks are always nice because no one takes a cut, but there is a donate tab on this site at the top. Our mailing address is:
      Michigan Duck Rescue
      47526 Clipper St.
      Unit 701756
      Plymouth, MI 48170

    • Hi Chris, I am so sorry that this response is so late. I do not often have time to go through me emails on this page as we have so other media outlets that we try to keep up with. When I do, sometime I may overlook some so I try to go back and be sure every now and then. We absolutely do have electronic means of donating. and are address is to send via that link is Also, our mailing address is 111 S. Lafayette St. Unit 84 South Lyon MI 48178. Thank you SO much in advance. Matt

  92. Hello,

    I am planning to also call tomorrow morning due to it being Christmas evening. We have a pond on our property where mallard ducks have been spending time. All have left except for 1 female with a broken wing. I am hoping you can help her. We will be leaving for a family vacation tomorrow morning (12/26) but we would be grateful if you can stop by to help her. Our address is 44700 Thornapple Ln, Northville 48168. The pond is down to the right of the house and she is in he only unfrozen spot. You can call me anytime. 248-470-4943

    Thank You,


  93. Hello i had just tried to call you guys a few minutes ago, so i figured i’d leave a post! I have been a duck mom for two years now and my penkin and mallard just had babies! We have five baby two week old ducks, and i have no where to keep them at my house. I want to bring them to a place like this where they will be able to stay safe and warm and feed! I was wondering if you guys could give me a call back today or tomorrow asap. 734-770-0719 is my phone number.

    • I’m sorry Abby, we have our hands full with dumped ducks at this time. Hopefully you pull future eggs so you no longer get babies. We literally get calls for about a dozen ducks a week, minimum, because people bought them not knowing anything about them or others letting them have babies with no future plan. We just can’t take them all. We only take in the ones now that we actually rescue, that ignorant people duck. Matt

  94. Hello I rescued two ducks about 2 months ago. I’ve been trying my hardest to find them a home, but have had no luck. They are Farm ducks a male and a female. Past owner told me they got them in March, they are about 4-5 months. I am all out of options for them, all people who have gotten in contact w me just want them for, or for food. And I want to give them a shot at living a good life. If guys are unable to help, if you could put me in contact with other resources.

  95. I know you are inundated with dumped birds but am writing in the hope you can share and network. Yesterday I saw a healthy Muscovy pair at Ford Field park in Dearborn. Clearly dumped. I live in a condo so cannot take them but want to make their plight known. Maybe if this gets out to a lot of people there is someone who can help these beautiful birds. Thank you.

  96. Hello I have a goose that needs help. He’s currently in my work parking lot. Seems to have gotten hit. He can stand and tries to fly, but collapses as if maybe he hurt his or her legs? Please contact me at your earliest! I work until 5 am tonight/this morning I can try my best to do what I can. I put cones around him in the lot so people avoid him. But we all know humans are cruel at times. Thank you so much. 734-756-0138

  97. I have a Pekin duck from tractor supply.her legs are bent not lifting..can she go there ..she’s only a few weeks..feathers aren’t out yet but starting.can you help her..I’ve tried everything.810-221-4563

  98. Hey there,

    I see you’re full-up with ducks, but I figured I’d ask anyways to see if you have any other ideas on who we could contact.

    We have two in the U.P. that live next to us at a boat launch. They’re the white ones with orange beaks, wings are clipped. One is limping and I’ve been feeding them mix seed, greens, and fruit as a temporary, and I plan on using zupreme pellets for a bit of time.. Just trying to tide over until we can find a sanctuary.

    Have any resources or knowledge of someone we could contact that’s in or near the U.P. that could come by and try to save these poor babies?


  99. Hello, I live in Lake Orion on Voorheis Lake. We had a nest of eggs due to mother getting killed by an animal. We brought the eggs in and were able to hatch 3. We have cared for the ducklings, then got them introduced to the lake about 3 weeks old, then kept in a pen outside until 4-5 weeks, then finally by 6 weeks they were off on their own. We fed them, but did not touch them after they were outdoors full time. As of today, 9-22-21, they are 14 weeks old. One was killed last month by a young siberian husky, and as of Sunday one of the two remaining ducks has a broken wing (which drags on the ground), and the other duck stays with her/him all the time. Are you able to take these ducks in? Or do you have any advice? We of course will make a good contribution too. Please help, my heart is broken. Thank you.

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