Maxie, just hangin’ around!

Max, aka. Maxie, is always seeking my attention when I enter my office or work at my desk. One of her favorite things to do is this! Notice how she tucks her feet close to her body and just hangs on with her beak until she get me to praise her. Fortunately, my voice can’t […]

Sly ‘The Eye’ Stallone

Our precious, but tough, Sly Stallone, just won a battle with an eye tumor that has plagued him for several months.  First diagnosed as a cyst that was treated with an anti-inflammatory, it reduced in size, but never completely.  After months of never shrinking into oblivion, I took him to Dr. Beasley at Cedar Creek for […]

Comfy Headrest!

Last night as I went in to rinse these munchkins off, I noticed Curly resting comfortably on Sly Stallone’s ‘behind’. I ran into the other room to get my phone to video this, never thinking for a moment that they would still be in this position when I returned, but…! A recent rescue, Curly (Rouen/Mallard […]