Sly ‘The Eye’ Stallone

Our precious, but tough, Sly Stallone, just won a battle with an eye tumor that has plagued him for several months.  First diagnosed as a cyst that was treated with an anti-inflammatory, it reduced in size, but never completely.  After months of never shrinking into oblivion, I took him to Dr. Beasley at Cedar Creek for a second opinion, and he immediately diagnosed it as tumor, and would remove it on this visit.  Typically a minor procedure, however almost nothing is minor with us, we went back into the room where he would do the procedure and he began the surgery.  Sly did not go down from the anesthetic immediately, that’s why his name is Sly Stallone, but eventually succumbed to it.  The procedure went fairly quickly, even though Sly had to have a few extra ‘hits’ of the ‘juice’.  After the tumor was removed and the wound cauterized, it was time for him to get back on his feet, slowly staggering like an almost defeated fighter, but not Sly!  After what seemed like eternity, his started to make progress, slow as it might be.  Then the worry came, as Sly began to have difficulty catching his breath, gasping for what would be at least 30+ minutes.  Apparently, he was having bronchial spasms and was given an Epinephrine injection, and shortly thereafter, I believe an anti-inflammatory shot.  Another short time later, Sly was given an oxygen mask to assist him in his breathing, and even a little more later, he was put into an oxygen tent.  Finally, after some more time passed, Dr. Beasley decided to put him on the floor to see how he would react. He was still wheezing, but started to shake his head and mucus was flung about.  He was given a bit of water to drink, and then his difficulty ceased almost immediately, thank God!  Although I was extremely confident that Sly was in the best of hands all along… you can’t help but always worry…

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