Flynn’s second chance!

This morning our friends, Angie and her daughter Kaitlyn, who sometimes help us out on rescues in the downriver area, brought us a handsome Rouen drake that they were able to capture at a local ‘dumping ground’ in Taylor. It was at Heritage Park, a beautiful area that we had mentioned in previous posts, because of rescues we’ve had there, due to ignorant, irresponsible individuals, who think is was created for their own purpose, discarding pets that are no longer convenient for their lifestyle. You know the type, it’s all about them and nothing else, and when the fad wears off, it just “let’s just pitch it in the local pond”. Heartbreaking, yet disgusting at the same time.
That’s only half of the story. When he was rescued, he had an abandoned fishing line wrapped around his entire body. Visualize this: the hook is in his belly, the line comes out and wraps around his neck, wing and leg…and back again, pulling his neck backward so he cannot even sip a bit of water, let alone eat. Basically, he was hogtied. When they recued him, they were first able to cut off most of the line to release his neck from the constant backward pressure. They tried to leave some of the line hanging out of his mouth, in hopes that we may be able to get the whole object out. Kaitlyn held it for most of the hour drive here, but eventually he wrestled it loose from her and swallowed it completely. Once here, I was able to drive him out to Cedar Creek veterinary in Williamston, to have Dr. Beasley look him over. He received an Endoscopy (camera tube down the throat), anesthesia and an x-ray. Noticeably, the hook was in the belly, along with a few deposits of metal fragments. The plan now is to try to let him pass it out on his own, to avoid a tough surgery. He will also receive two injections of calcium EDTA per day, to help prevent lead poisoning and brain damage. Prayers are ALWAYS welcome!
Also, anyone wishing to assist in this very unexpected (like most of our vet bills), and not so inexpensive expense, can do so by clicking on the ‘Please Donate’ tab above!  Please know that we believe that there is no such thing as ‘too small’ of a donation. Every dollar does help, and all donations are tax deductible to the extent of your tax liability, and, most importantly…every dollar is sincerely appreciated, especially by our needy, and often suffering patients! Thanks for caring! 🙂
IMG_8026 (600x800)

IMG_8027 (600x800)

Notice the hook still in his belly, and the small metal fragments near the bottom of the stomach area.

IMG_8008 (451x800)

You can see the line coming out of him mouth after it was cut loose from a near strangulation.

IMG_8020 (800x600)

Here he is at his ‘weigh-in’.


$395 was for Flynn, and $55 was for an exam for Rainbow, another story coming very soon! The total bill was $450!

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