Little Sarah, smile awhile…

This past Saturday (5/30/15), we welcomed a new member to the Sanctuary family, and her name is Little Sarah, and she appears to be an Orpington (aka. Buff) breed.  John had called me earlier in the day and told me that they found a little injured duck quacking behind their garage in Birmingham, so he and his father, Jack, brought him by later in the early evening. I had asked John if they had given her a name and he said he hadn’t. Since she looked just like a Sarah that we had a few years ago (who sadly didn’t make it to adulthood), this was to be her name, and when I told John, he surprising told me that that was his girlfriends name. Truly fitting on all accounts. It definitely appeared that she had a serious injury to her leg, and after a visit to the vet on Monday ($74, luckily I had some Meloxicam on hand to help keep the cost down) and a radiograph, it was confirmed that she has a fracture of the growth bone on the lower portion of her femur, where is comes in contact with the knee. If it heels properly, she will be able to walk and get around, but most likely with an uncomfortable limp or drag. She is so soft and sweet, but if you separate her from her new boyfriend, Fred Jr., she can become quite vocal. Meloxicam will help keep her pain to a minimum. Who ever dumped this sweet baby (not even an adult to boot) behind John’s garage, should have a pox upon him. Nonetheless, we are again blessed!


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  1. Poor little girl! I sure hope she will be able to walk soon. I am grateful that the people who found her had the presence of mind to bring her to the Duck Sanctuary. Keep me posted.

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