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So busy, so far behind, so much to write, don’t know where to begin…so I’ll try here: Went to the vet today, Dr. Beasley (Cedar Creek), with three of our precious angels, Gee Gee, Fred Jr. and Rebecca. As many may remember (if you have recently joined us, his wonderful story is posted around one month ago), Gee Gee was rescued by Danielle and network of her friends, and then donated to us for a lifetime of care and happiness. Everyday since his first vet visit, I had to (quite happily, I will add…however, it became a game to him after the first few days as I had to chase him around my office almost daily) apply a soother / softening cream to the inside of his rotted beak daily until his visit today. The cream gradually softened up the infectiously hardened debris that built up inside of his disabled nasal cavity. This helped the Dr. scrape out and clean the area after years of neglect, serious discomfort and aggravation. Unfortunately, his right nostril will still remain non functional, but his overall ability to breath is definitely enhanced on his left side. A very rewarding experience. Thanks again to all who helped, as Gee Gee would have undoubtedly had this rotting tissue lingering in his beak for the rest of his long life! As I sit here typing, I am listening to Gee Gee, who is ten feet away, trying to make sounds that I haven’t had the pleasure to yet hear.

Gee Gee (16) (1024x768)

Gee Gee’s condition upon rescue 4/28/15

IMG_2206 (768x1024) (2)

His freshly cleaned out beak, today!

IMG_2184 (1024x768)

The ‘rot’ removed after many years of neglect.




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  1. I’m SOOOO very glad to hear that Gee Gee is doing so well and I hope he is the happy camper that he deserves to be. Give him a treat for me.

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