The Mill Ponds favorite Mrs.

This angel is Mrs. Pom Pom (named by Doug,, from the Brighton Mill Pond.  She has gone from being terrorized relentlessly from the Mill Pond males, to living a more serene life here at the Sanctuary.  From the time that she arrived here, through about three weeks later, she has had a remarkable recovery.  We comforted the very skittish girl from day one, starting with a twice a day treatment of Terramycin ointment for both of her eyes (applying a week longer to the right).  She had a lot of privacy to help calm her very unsteady nerves.  She was much more apprehensive than most other ducks, and one need only look at her condition to understand why.  But as is with most ducks, realizing that we are only trying to help them, she eventually became much more calm, but not totally, and we continued to give her that much needed space.  These days, she runs around with a much less aggressive flock, and comes in to a secure shelter EVERY night!  She eats quite regularly and no longer has to beg passers by for scraps (actually, anytime she wishes, as proper nourishment is ALWAYS available), and she forages for grubs and gremlins daily.  She will be one happy duck for all of her remaining days, and hopefully, there will be many, as she deserves them all!


Mrs. Pom Pom’s first day at the Sanctuary


Her eye was infected, and just oozing


Her head had scar tissue from years of males abusing her without any intervention


The left eye and lid were in much better condition than the right



Mrs. Pom Pom much rather preferred the straw basket to the comfy towels


A lot of hurt went into that 🙁



She always seemed to like the straw basket instead of the comfy towels


Her ‘better side’… at the time



Just chillin’ without fear of being constantly on guard


What to do next…



I think that she is admiring the beautiful duck in the water beneath her


Some feathers will probably not come back due to severe scarring over long periods of time


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  1. That poor duck! When I look at these photos I can’t help from thinking about our Gracie and how glad we are that we sent her to your sanctuary before she was abused futher. Thank you for what you do!!!

  2. Hi, Matt. Today we met in Marshall, where you rescued my Peking duckling. I just wanted to let you know, my husband said he had been feeding the duck chick grower, and possibly he may be 5 or so days older than what I thought. Thank you again for all that you and your wife do.

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