Kroger helping our ducks, again!

We are very happy to announce that we are now part of the Kroger community rewards program. This basically means that if you are a Kroger shopper and you have a Kroger membership card, you would simply ad our non profit organization to your card through a simple online registration, and every time that you shop at Kroger, your purchase goes toward the donation that we could receive quarterly. It takes approximately 10 minutes to register, and Michigan Duck Rescue can benefit for years to come! If you are not a Kroger member, it is also very easy to become one.
To register your membership card with our organization, please follow the following steps, and thanks for shopping Kroger. Also remember, Kroger donates produce to supplement our flocks additional nutritional needs!:-)
Steps to share for Account setup for Community Rewards and the Michigan Duck Rescue

1. Access the website using:
2. Login, or create an account
3.Following login, go to: My Account
4. Select community rewards: enter, name and information requested for the program
5. Next: you will be prompted to, “find your organization” enter: EI968 (Michigan Duck Rescue)
6. Select the button next to, MICHIGAN DUCK RESCUE & SANCTUARY and press the Enroll button
7. You will now see your account summary page updated with the following information:

At the top of the page, a confirmation is provided stating:

Your enrollment in the Community Rewards Program has been updated. Thank you for participating!

In your account section at the bottom of the page, your community rewards will provide the following information

Community Rewards
• Organization Number: 78956
• Enrollment Date: 04/?/2015 (your actual enrollment date)

You can now sign out of the Kroger website: located at the upper right corner.

Thank you all so much for participating in this program to help our Sanctuary. Please, also, share this with a friend…or ten!:-)


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