Caution, hatching time is near!

Please be careful where you walk, you just may be about to step on a nesting mama duck. The Plymouth Twp. Fire Chief (Dan) called me last week to see what could be done about a nesting Mallard hen in their parking lot. We decided to leave the nest, if barriers could be put around her so that she would not be stepped on. There is a retention type pond about 100ft away, where some drake Mallards were swimming. Ducks and geese tend to go back to areas where they were born, or to places where they may have had successful hatchings in the past, so it is always best to try not to disturb the nest, if at all possible.

On a side note, if ‘I’ see ducks or geese trying to cross a street (especially with their young), ‘I’ stop (usually right where I am), get out of my car, and do everything possible to assist them in their short journey. Once in a great while, I will get an idiot in a hurry, beeping, but I assure you, the LARGE majority of people are patient and willing to wait… some, (though few), may even help.

Please also be careful when you are out and about in your car, as ducks and geese will nest just about anywhere.   Geese and ducks are notorious for nesting in the middle of parking lots and in wide open areas where cars are abundant.  Remember, it is a criminal offense now to deliberately injure an animal, whether in a vehicle or out, so if you see an intentional act of animal abuse, PLEASE stand up and stop the act, and then call the local authorities and be heard.  People who abuse animals are cowardly, and only do so because the defenseless animal cannot fight back.  Please don’t just stand there and video tape the act…STOP the act, and then, if you must…video tape the results.

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