Morning feeding at the Sanctuary!

The morning of 12/21/15, the 2nd ‘snowfall’ of this winter, and the 1st time the pond started to freeze (but only for a few days). Some of the angels didn’t want to come up to eat, so… daddy went to THEM! Spoiled? Yes! It was quite a typically active morning as you can see and […]

Max’s New Beginning

Please note that this story was written Saturday 11/28/15. On Saturday, 11/21/15, I received an email from my friend Dorothy, who runs Sasha Farms, and she stated that she recently received an email from Anna, who was in a desperate need to find a nice home for her Green Winged Scarlet Macaw (aka Red and […]

Good bye Belleville!!

Another busy day, another busy week, another busy month for rescues here at the Sanctuary. It started in Flatrock, in the Huron Metropark area (almost an hour away), and ended in Belleville. Five total rescues: a goose with a damaged wing, a male Rouen with a swollen head, possibly an infection, another male rouen, a […]

Luke and the vacuum cleaner!

You have to be constantly on alert while doing chores around the Sanctuary, or just anything, for that matter. Luke, our Blue Crowned Conure, does not like when I vacuum. For a bird that cannot fly (his wing was severely damaged when we rescued him from the Michigan Humane Society about two years ago), he […]

Winter finally arrives at the Sanctuary!

This video was taken on the morning following the first blast of winter snow on 11/22/15. While many cringe at the prospect of the coming months, I personally enjoy the intense snows, as it really helps to freshen the surroundings and hopefully refill the ‘way below level’ pond for the coming spring.

Ducky, the plant eater!

For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why my plants kept leaking dirty water onto the floor. I even went so far as to put larger saucers underneath them to prevent overflow, Then, just the other evening as I am watching TV in the room next to this one, I start to hear slurping, to […]

‘Leave’ Fall behind already!

Morning greeting, then off to eating…again!

Morning greetings from the hungry committee! I usually get up just about dawn, walk into my office which is located just above the ‘resident’s sleeping quarters’, press a button, and the restless ‘flock’ storm out! About an hour later, I too emerge, from a less populated sleeping arrangement, to be pleasantly greeted by a boisterous […]

Goodbye Summer, Till we meet again!

The Summer green has passed us now, the leaves have fallen low – soon, the final season comes, along with glistening Snow! We in Michigan, are truly blessed to appreciate the Four Seasons of God’s design. To know – just one, or two, or even three, would leave us incomplete, we need the fourth to […]