Leave the Law Alone!

Yesterday afternoon, I received a call from Jill Fritz, Michigan Senior State Director of the Humane Society of the United States, asking if we would like to submit a letter on behalf of the Michigan Duck Rescue and Sanctuary to help in opposition of a repeal attempt of a state bill. Synopsis: In 1945, the […]

Gracie’s Sad Farewell

This was just after Gracie’s first swim at the Sanctuary on 10/31/14. As I had mentioned in a previous post, with the warmer weather the other day, a large handful of the smaller ducks didn’t want to come in for the night for the first time since the really cold months of winter, including Gracie. […]

Gracie, together again with Angelena

Angelena called her friend To come to her and play And little Gracie heard the call And left this Earth today The closest friend, he ever had Left many months before So, now in Heaven, they unite Best friends, forever more Together, in the grandest pond With water, crystal clear Two special friends, swim side by […]

Marold, All Cleaned Up and no where to be!

A few weeks ago, Marold was finally given a clean bill of health and is coccidia free. He now gets to comingle again with his girl buddies, Strawberry and Sophia, and what a charmer he is.  In the photos, he is in the white towel, and Sophia is with him.  When he sleeps, he couldn’t […]

Marc Antony reunites with Cleopatra

A bittersweet day today at the Sanctuary as our (late) Cleopatra called down from above to ask our Precious Marc Antony to join her for a swim in the wonderful Crystal Waters of Heaven. You see, several years ago, Marc Antony and his girl Cleopatra were the sweetest of couples at the Sanctuary until one […]

Has Spring finally Sprung?

A nice break in the weather allowed for some outside time for a few of our ‘special needs’ angels. These four have been staying in the house (with Dorothy, who is out and about) during these past cold couple of months, and won’t stay out for the entire day until spring, at least.  Marold (L), […]

It’s Easter, and they’re at it again!

Easter is supposed to be a wonderful time of year, but for MANY ducklings and chicks, it is only a time of sadness, abuse and even death. You see, this is the time of year that the push is on for the sale of millions of baby ducks and chicks throughout the country. Easter is […]

Ducky’s new home, 17 years later!

This is our newest little resident, Ducky, and she was given her name by Jennifer, seventeen (yes, 17) years ago. Jennifer bought this little darling as duckling when she was 18 years old herself. Unfortunately, Jennifer and her family had to move out of Michigan and needed a home for Ducky’s golden years. She was […]

Genevieve Sleeps on a Heavenly Cloud

February 24, 2015. My Beautiful, Angelic Genevieve is recovering on the softest cloud that Heaven can create. Sadly, our baby passed away less than a few short hours after her very traumatic surgery. The ‘usually successful’ surgery to remove some hardened egg yolk and her ovary became a much more difficult operation than expected. Once inside, […]

Genevieve: The Night Before

Sweet baby Genevieve having some alone time before tomorrows big surgery. She is allowed water, but no food until after the operation. I know that she is in good hands with Dr. Derek Nolan at Cedar Creek Veterinary Clinic in Williamston. The Dr. even accepted my request to stand in during the surgery and I […]