Marc Antony reunites with Cleopatra

A bittersweet day today at the Sanctuary as our (late) Cleopatra called down from above to ask our Precious Marc Antony to join her for a swim in the wonderful Crystal Waters of Heaven. You see, several years ago, Marc Antony and his girl Cleopatra were the sweetest of couples at the Sanctuary until one sad night an owl came by to break his loving heart. After some time, he finally met a new girl to help him bide his time until he would again be reunited with his past love (though he loved Brown Eyes no less). Unfortunately for us, that day came far too soon. As sadly as it hurts us, we can only share in his joy. As I mentioned many months ago, he was one of a handful that I had to notice in the morning before I could even begin my day. My eyes will tear as I watch Brown Eyes search for him in the days and weeks to follow, and call for him to come to her side as he had always done…so many, many times before.

IMG_0308 (1024x683)

Notice Brown Eyes just above Marc Antony, staring at him.

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