Genevieve Sleeps on a Heavenly Cloud

February 24, 2015. My Beautiful, Angelic Genevieve is recovering on the softest cloud that Heaven can create. Sadly, our baby passed away less than a few short hours after her very traumatic surgery. The ‘usually successful’ surgery to remove some hardened egg yolk and her ovary became a much more difficult operation than expected. Once inside, it was discovered that her problem was much more complicated than Egg Peritonitis, and it is believed that her problem was initiated by an enlarging tumor which had affixed itself to much of her ovary and surrounding blood vessels, muscles, tissues, etc. and had engulfed her ovary. Her entire ovary was packed with hardened yolk and had ballooned in size. After trying for some time to try to cut around and separate the ovary from the surrounding ‘mess’ for removal, it was thought that the best solution at this point was to cut away and remove as much of the ovary as possible, suture her up, and pray for the best. After the anesthetic wore off, Genevieve seemed to respond fairly positively, as I sat with her as she rested her weary head on my forearm. She seemed a little woozy, but alert. I kept hope. It was now time for her to rest even though I didn’t want to leave her side. The plan was that I was going to come back later in the day and be able to bring her back home for a whole lotta lovin’ and endless TLC. Sadly, that was mine and the Drs. plan, but as happens often, God’s plan was greater, and I believe that he felt that she would recover MUCH better in His Heavenly care. How can one disagree with that logic! We will miss her dearly, as we already are…as she follows the recent passing of two other sweet angels, precious Ray-Ray and Frosty (I will post shortly on those sad losses). Thanks to everyone who gave their support and who donated to help in her medical expenses (unfortunately, the vet offers no money back guarantee). Our baby in now in Heaven,, and that is my solace, as sadly as I now grieve.

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