It’s Easter, and they’re at it again!

Easter is supposed to be a wonderful time of year, but for MANY ducklings and chicks, it is only a time of sadness, abuse and even death. You see, this is the time of year that the push is on for the sale of millions of baby ducks and chicks throughout the country. Easter is often the ‘trick’ used to promote these sales in abundance, and to sell ALL of the accompanying necessities for their survival. “What a cute Easter basket it will make”! Let me first preface by saying that we have NO problem with the sale or purchase of these wonderful creatures, as long as people understand what is involved in their development. Time, love, money, commitment…and a LOT of it! These babies are NOT disposable at the ‘purchasers’ whim! They should NOT be given as gifts without the receivers knowledge, as that will almost NEVER work out well. If your one year old child ‘must’ have one after the sales pitch is made, buy them a big stuffed one, it will last much longer, and it will most likely not suffer in the process. You are the parent, please show them how to be responsible. After you leave the store, your child will forget all about it. Having ‘good intentions’ is not enough when it comes to the life of ANY animal, PERIOD! If you think that I am sitting on my high horse preaching, then that is fine, as I HAVE seen the results of abuse, first hand, many times, and it can be sickening, so you can label me as such, but if I can stop even one unnecessary death, it will be well worth it! PLEASE share this post with as many people as you can, so we can make an even BIGGER difference!

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    Critter Cafe Rescue and House Rabbit Society strongly urges parents not to buy their children live “Easter bunnies” unless they are willing to make a 10+year commitment to properly care for the animals.

    Each year, thousands of baby rabbits, chicks, and ducks are purchased as Easter gifts only to be abandoned or left at shelters in the days, weeks and months that follow Easter.
    Rabbits are not a “low maintenance pet” and require at least the same amount of work as a new puppy or dog – baby bunnies actually require MORE time and they require spay & neuter as well.

    Chocolate Rabbits are a great alternative since of course kids will love and enjoy them but even better, they dont require responsible and dedicated care-giving for the next 10+ yrs !

    Mary Cotter, vice-president of HRS, says that many of the rabbits purchased as Easter pets will never live to see their first birthday. Some will die from neglect, while others will be abandoned in local parks or left at animal shelters. “It is irresponsible for pet stores to push rabbits and other so-called Easter animals during the holiday,” says Cotter. “Unless parents are willing to take full responsibility for the possible 10-year lifepan of a live rabbit, they should buy their children chocolate rabbits instead.”

    From House Rabbit Society :

    “Most children want a companion they can hold, carry and cuddle, but rabbits are fragile, ground-loving creatures who break easily when dropped. Additionally, rabbits are easily frightened by loud noises. It is unreasonable to expect a small child to make a 10-year commitment to taking care of a rabbit. All too often, the child loses interest, and the rabbit ends up neglected or abandoned.
    Does this mean no families with children should never have pet rabbits? “Not at all!” says Margo DeMello, Pres. HRS. “But what it does mean is that parents must be actively involved on a daily basis, and willing to supervise any interactions between rabbits and children. Otherwise, chocolate is the way to go!”
    **Critter Cafe Rescue in west MI. is an all species rescue and has many adoptable already spayed and neutered rabbits but refrains from Easter adoptions.
    If you are considering a new pet for your children – please call us to talk about an age appropriate species of pet (231) – 366 – 7197.
    If a person chooses a baby rabbit as a companion please consider that one must have plenty of time AND a household that can withstand some chewing – a stable residence is a must.
    Expect that both male and female baby bunnies **will** spray urine – spaying & neutering at 4-6 months of age can help deter this problem greatly.
    Baby bunnies will have accidents outside their litter boxes.
    Because bunnies are so muscular – they require at least 30 hours **per week** of free time outside of a cage and a cage is really not recommended as the best permanent housing for a rabbit – an ex pen wks much better or ck out CC cages you make yourself.
    Please understand that a cute little baby bunny will soon have a much different personality – including even scratching, biting, lunging, growling, and being territorial – these adult bunny characteristics are exacerbated when bunny is NOT fixed and develop when even the best foot has been put forward in their care….just like many cats want attention only on their terms, bunnies also have unique personalities….they just are not a good choice for a smaller child, under 10 years, without BIG supervision.
    They are **never** a good choice to be given as an Easter gift!
    Learn more about bunny behaviors and why bunnies should never be given as a gift at Easter or any other holiday by googling House Rabbit Society.


    “As a FULL TIME ANIMAL RESCUER, some people think I’m crazy- At least my soul is intact.”

    -Christine Lea

    FACT: 92 out of every 100 drugs that successfully pass animal tests STILL fail or cause harm during human trials.

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    Sincerely, Christine Lea

    Christine’s Critter Cafe Rescue

    5818 Airline Rd, FP., MI.49415


  2. I recognize the tractor supply, because we had one back home in IN.
    I am guilty of being a parent who got my daughter baby ducks and a pet chicken when she was little. NOT from the tracker supply. HOWEVER, she had them for many years and she was on OPRAH with her pet chicken. I LOVE animals and I instilled in her an incredible love of them, too. We spare no expense to provide our pets with the very best food, etc.

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