Fred Jr. and the Great Pumpkin

Halloween may be over, but let the pumpkin party begin! Fred Jr. was enjoying his pumpkin treat yesterday, and what a treat it was for us to watch him!  Seated right behind him, is his lady friend, Ginger.  They have been inseparable for many, many months!

Fred Jr’s. first steps

This video was taken one year ago this week, just a week after we welcomed this handsome little angel into our lives, something that would continue to change us to this day! Every single day that we have Fred Jr. in our presence, is truly a blessing from God, as he is truly a miracle […]

The Agony of the Decision

The agony of the decision…yesterday morning (10/29/15), I received a call from Craig, who works at a GMC dealership in Plymouth, and he informed me of a Mute Swan that had apparently hit a square metal box light pole the previous day, and had been laying in a neighboring business parking lot since. Fortunately, I […]

The Gratiot Geese Massacre

Fortunately, back in early August, we were able to take in four of the close to forty geese that were involved in the deliberate hit and run tragedy on Gratiot Ave in Mt Clemens. Two of the geese still have a noticeable limp from this horrific act of cruelty. The four NEVER stray more than […]

Riko & El Tocino aka. ET

Riko is having a little playtime with his new little brother, ET (El Tocino), but as you can see, Ducky, the brown girl (17+ and feisty as ever) doesn’t like ET picking on her big brother. I really think that she just likes fighting with anyone! (Believe it or not, the driveway was power washed […]


Watch the white Pekin girl in the center. Is she: A: mad because the grub won’t pop it’s head out B: stomping in hopes that the grub will pop up to see what’s going on up there. C: just making a bigger mess D: trying to make wine from mud E: just playing in the […]

Trooper and Little Sarah

Trooper didn’t take too long to find himself a sweet little girl to latch on to. He and Little Sarah have had a very ‘casual’ relationship (although the two have been playing coy with one another as of late) the past month or so. Little Sarah has recovered fully from her severely injured foot, which […]

Ducky, our Elder Stateslady

Ducky, a few days ago, enjoying her rain day with her buddies. If you remember, she came here several months ago at age 17, pretty good for a domestic duck. She comes in every evening and has run of the house, and a cozy carrier for her ‘bedroom’ at bedtime. She is slowly becoming deprived […]

The One that didn’t get away!

Late in the evening on I believe, July, 6, our friend Doug (caretaker of the Brighton Mill Pond ducks ~ called us to help him in the rescue of Blonde Bombshell #2, who had fishing line tightly embedded around her left foot. After we had just headed out of the driveway, I called to […]