The One that didn’t get away!

Late in the evening on I believe, July, 6, our friend Doug (caretaker of the Brighton Mill Pond ducks ~ called us to help him in the rescue of Blonde Bombshell #2, who had fishing line tightly embedded around her left foot. After we had just headed out of the driveway, I called to check and see how they were doing, and Doug said that they had just scooped her up and there was no need for us to make the trip. We turned around and headed back up the drive, actually saying to each other that we were finally going to have an early night (it was coming up on 10:30, and yes, that is an early ‘outside’ night for us – the inside wind down takes about another hour to an hour and a half). So, we parked, got out and headed inside when Doug called back and asked if we could come back out to try to get the tight line off her deteriorating foot, as they didn’t have the appropriate tools at the time. We gladly said yes, and went about on our way. Upon arriving, Doug and his friend Jim were trying to make her as comfortable as possible. After a few lucky minutes (and of course, a prayer), I managed to free her of the unfortunate confinement. We also manage to pluck her two remaining babies (from a brood of ten) from the pond to take with us, so her stress would be as minimal as possible. The following day, we paid a visit to our vet to see if their was any way to save her precious leg. We left with a tube of therapy cream and little hope. As we, especially Theresa, took special care of our new found angel, massaging her foot several times daily with the cream, in a last ditch effort to try to bring some life back to the failing foot. Sadly, the discarded fishing line won and our baby lost her foot. These days however, Blonde Bombshell #2 swims peacefully with her two adult ‘babies’, still closely at her side. When near a park or water area, please pick up anything that may pose a threat of any kind of animals, domestic or wild. Hopefully, this story may bring attention to the right person or persons, and maybe a precious body part, or even a precious life, can be saved.

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