Good bye Belleville!!

Another busy day, another busy week, another busy month for rescues here at the Sanctuary. It started in Flatrock, in the Huron Metropark area (almost an hour away), and ended in Belleville. Five total rescues: a goose with a damaged wing, a male Rouen with a swollen head, possibly an infection, another male rouen, a female Rouen, and a boy Pekin. The latter three were the most involved, as they were rescued from a trailer park with a large very pond and a very ‘nosey nellie neighbor’ who thought he was, let’s just say, ‘something special’. I get SO tired of these know it all, pains in the butt, who apparently have NOTHING better to do than to try to get involved in a very negative way, with NO positive input whatsoever. Let me quickly set the stage so I can continue with the real story. After pulling up at the edge of the pond where they were located, I exited my truck, took out several nets (special thanks to Angie and her daughter Kaitlyn, for meeting me at the locations and assisting in the rescues), started tossing food as the abandoned angels immediately swam toward us, when Mr. personality (NOT) aggressively approached me flailing about – “Who are you?”, “What are you doing?”, “Show me credentials”…a real tough guy… I explained to him who I was and that I was rescuing three domestic ducks that do NOT belong in the wild, and then I politely asked him who he was, to which he said “None of your business?”, (a real class actI), to which I then abruptly said, “Call the police if you have a problem”! So, rather than offering to assist in an abandoned animal rescue, he ran down the street looking for support, and then came back and began recording our rescue from the safety of his driveway, in total disgust. Never fails, there is one in every rescue! Reminds me of the guy recording a burning house, while OTHERS are running in and out saving lives…it really does take ALL kinds! Anyway, we were able to rescue all three in just a matter of a few minutes, and now they are all ‘safely home’ to live out their lives in the comfort of safe surroundings, with food in abundance!! The poor little girl is just about half of what her normal body weight should be. Her keel bone is very prominent, and she was noticeably thin, even through the feathers…but not for long!  They will now spend a few days inside in the lower shower, relaxing, and getting filled up on protein, and drinking fresh, clean water, and being monitored for any signs of contagions, or other possible issues.
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