Graham Quacker

Saturday morning I received a call from Bonnie, regarding a domestic duck that had been making his ’home’ between a couple of houses on a residential street in Redford, in an open lot that fills up with standing water. He had apparently been there for a few months, just sleeping on the edge of the temporary watering hole during the evenings. She and her husband had been feeding him corn during his abandonment. But after becoming more and more concerned about his safety and continued welfare, she made the call to us for his rescue.

Fortunately for us, Angie and her daughter Kaitlyn, who often volunteer to help us around the Sanctuary, were planning to come by this day and help us out with our usual weekend clean-up. I had asked her if they could swing by, assess the situation, and possibly make the rescue on their way here. As usual, she jumped at the chance.

Once there, and having the angel in her possession, she was confronted by some individuals who suddenly appeared, and demanded the duck, saying it was their cousins who had stayed with them for some time, but eventually moved out. They had told her that there were several ducks, but the others ‘just disappeared’. Gee, I wonder how and why? At that point, I knew the baby was coming here. I’m certain they would have had to call the police before Angie and Kaitlyn were going to let him stay in that horrible situation even another minute. Thanks and kudos to you both… and for the help that you both offered afterwards.

Since he was found near the corner of Graham and Lennane, Kaitlyn thought it appropriate to name him Graham. We unanimously concurred, although I also figured he could use a last name in this instance. So please say hello to Graham Quacker!

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