Easter Sadness for So Many Angels

Easter is supposed to be a wonderful time of year, but for MANY ducklings and chicks, (and even bunnies) it is only a time of sadness, abuse and even death. You see, this is the time of year that the push is on for the sale of tens of thousands of baby ducks and chicks, and yes, even bunnies) throughout the country.

Easter is often the ‘trick’ used to promote these sales in abundance, and to sell ALL of the accompanying necessities for their survival. “What a cute Easter basket it will make”! Let me first preface by saying that we have NO problem with the sale or purchase of these wonderful creatures, as long as people understand what is involved in their development. Time, love, money, commitment…and a LOT of it! These babies are NOT disposable at the ‘purchasers’ whim!

They should NOT be given as gifts without the receivers knowledge, as that will almost NEVER work out well. A simple question to ask yourself, would you want someone ‘out of the blue’ to lay a ten plus year responsibility on your front doorstep?

If your two year old child ‘must’ have one after the sales pitch is made, buy them a big stuffed one, it will last much longer, and it will most likely not suffer in the process. Another option, avoid taking your children to the stores that promote the sale of these babies during their promotional time. You are the parent, please show them how to be responsible. Better yet, be a responsible parent, and just say “NO”! I promise, after you leave the store, your child will eventually forget all about it, and YOU will not be stressed out in a few weeks trying to find it a home!

Ducks are VERY messy creatures, by nature, not desire. They poop a LOT, and the poop can really stink. They splash a lot, and the splashing goes everywhere! They must be cleaned daily, fed daily, given water daily, protected daily, cared for daily, loved daily…for MANY years! When they get sick, and yes, they can get sick, they must see a special avian vet, and it is not often easy to find a vet that knows about ducks. They feel emotion, especially pain, neglect, sadness and loneliness.

Ducklings and chicks can even cause SALMONELLA bacterial infection, especially in children, immunosuppressed individuals and the elderly.

Ducks grow very quickly, so your cute little hand help ‘showpiece’ will eventually (and did I say quickly) grow from ounces to upwards of maybe 8-10 pounds within a few short months. They do have sharp nails, which can easily scratch even the strongest adult, not to mention a mere child. Hens (girls) can be extremely loud, and if you have neighbors, I’m sure they will let you know, after all, that’s what neighbors do! Another fact that is often overlooked is municipal ordinance. MANY local ordinances will NOT allow ‘farm’ animals within city limits…and a nosey neighbor will eventually, and definitely let the city know! Now, just imagine you (or even your child) falling in love with your new pet, say for the next year, then the city ordinance officer comes a knockin’, you are then just a citation away from a broken heart!

They must be kept warn in the winter as well! You cannot just put them in the tiny water hole in your back yard, nor in the large pond either, and expect them to fend for themselves , or survive by nature alone. They are NOT created for that. They are DOMESTIC, and must be cared for accordingly, no differently than a dog or cat, just only more time consuming.

Having ‘good intentions’ is not enough when it comes to the life of ANY animal, PERIOD! If you think that I am sitting on my high horse preaching, then that is fine, but I HAVE seen the results of abuse, first hand, many times, and it can be sickening! But if we can stop even one unnecessary death, abandonment or neglect, it will be well worth it! Neglect is not often an intentional act of the neglector, it is often ignorance of a situation. However, it is 2017, and ignorance can be overcome with a simple phone call, or a quick search into a credible encyclopedia. PLEASE share this post with as many people as you can, so we can make an even BIGGER difference!

This post is nothing more than a reality check…after all, it is only about a LIFE!

Thank you so very much for helping to make that difference!

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