The Elvis Bros.

Elvis (2)It was a very sad day today at the Sanctuary, as we lost our dear Elvis in Black, when he went to reunite with his brother, Elvis in Red, who passed away within 24 hours to the day, exactly one year ago!  These gentle giant Muscovy’s came to the Sanctuary via the ASPCA Nevins Farm, MA…… These gentlemen had a few years on them, but they were quite a presence here.  Hardly ever without the other near his side, they strutted the grounds like the majestic birds that they were, and they seemed to know it!  There was very little, if anything, that they feared, yet I seemed to always worry about them when they were apart from one another.   I would many times refer to them as the ‘sentries’ of the Sanctuary.  Often I would come home at night and pull up to the garage and there they’d be, one on either side of the door, as though they were posted there….

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